Lady Jane’s Salon® Author Roundtable

This month’s Lady Jane’s Salon® guests -- Deborah Blumenthal, Katana Collins, Kate McMurray, and L.G. O'Connor -- are a delightful mélange of latecomers to romance and those who’ve been reading the books since tweendom, yet they share a collective passion for championing the genre.

Books to Buy: New Releases Week of April 28

Every Sunday we preview new and noteworthy releases. This week we have books by Leisa Rayven, Julia London, Susan Mallery, Lindsey Piper, Joanna Shupe, Emma Cane, Joan Johnston, Katana Collins, and Fern Michaels. Enjoy!

Paranormal Inspiration: Katana Collins on Chasing the Muse

Muses. They come in all forms, huh? Anything from that first warm day after a long winter to the hunky guy in plastic glasses reading across from you on the subway. We’ve all got them. And we all crave more. For myself, and probably a lot of authors out there, a huge source of inspiration is other authors and novels. After all, Stephen King said it best in On Writing: “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write.” So, on the eve of completing my first ever trilogy, I wanted to offer a nod to the top five paranormal authors and/or books that inspired me as a writer. Laurell K. Hamilton and the Anita Blake series. There’s just something oh, so delicious about a dark… Continue