Lauren Layne

Happy Kiss Your Mate Day!

Well, it's Kiss Your Mate Day, and I figure there are two groups of people that are bound to know about this under appreciated holiday:
(1) romance authors (that's me!)
(2) magazine columnists who write "the sexy stuff" (my characters!)
For those of you new to my Stiletto series, is about the women of Stiletto magazine who will do anything for a story … except fall in love. (Ha! We'll see about that, ladies!)

Winners Announced – On sale now, A Kiss of Lies by Bronwen Evans – 1st chapter Freebie + Giveaway

Here it is! On sale Tuesday, A Kiss of Lies – enjoy!

A Kiss of Lies The Disgraced Lords Series Bronwen Evans Loveswept Chapter 1
London, England, November 1815
“Get up!” If not for the fact that the rage-filled voice bellowing in his ear was speaking English, Christian Trent, the Earl of Markham, might have thought he was back in France. Certainly the press of cold steel at his throat flooded his brain with memories of the war: nightmarish memories, pain-filled memories. Memories he fervently tried, but hopelessly failed, to forget. Experience had taught him that when one was in such a precarious position, with a sword at one’s windpipe, with the identity and reasoning of the attacker unknown, one was wise to act cautiously.

First Kiss . . . how special was it, really? by Wendy Vella

Special Deal on Wendy’s historical Loveswept, THE RELUCTANT COUNTESS – only .99 — click here to order As a writer I love the first kiss scene because you never know when or where it’s going to happen. There are many different first kiss scenarios but often you have a build up of tension and awareness, plenty of smouldering looks, heated touches and then they fall on each other like a couple of hormonal teenagers, teeth clashing, tongues dancing and lips melding, with the inevitable end being in a bed/couch/chair/car/shower, (you get the picture).

Q&A with Romance Author, Julie James – About That Night, on sale today!

ABOUT THAT NIGHT, by Julie James, a fun contemporary romance! Setting: Chicago
Subgenre: Contemporary romance
Hero: Billionaire heir/ex-con Kyle Rhodes
Heroine: Assistant U.S. Attorney Rylann Pierce
Summary: About That Night is a fun, sexy contemporary romance that hits bookstores on April 3rd. The book is a twist on a reunited lovers theme—or maybe it’s better to say the theme is one of missed opportunity and second chances. Kyle and the heroine, Rylann, first meet when they’re in grad school. They share a walk home, and an unforgettable kiss, and make plans to see each other the following night. But Fate intervenes, and when Kyle has to leave school unexpectedly, he and Rylann don’t see each other for almost a decade.
Nine years later, the two are reunited; only now Kyle is a convicted felon… Continue