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Guess What Day it Is? Kiss Your Mate Day – So This is How You Do It

Honestly – it would be terrible if we didn’t offer up some instruction to this special holiday — not that we all don’t know how to kiss – but it’s fun to see how the Hollywood ‘experts’ do it – – – – –
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Remember Friends? Ross & Rachel had it down! 
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And really, Rhett did not really give a damn. 
I’m not sure who these people are but they seem to have the swing of it. 
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1933: Grace Bradley prepares to kiss a reluctant Charles Farrell (1901-1988) 
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Stiletto Magazine: The Elusive . . . Perfect . . . First Kiss by Julie Greene (Aka, Lauren Layne *wink*)

What’s up, Stiletto readers? Julie Greene here–Stiletto magazine’s resident dating expert. Rumor has it that this Thursday’s post was supposed to be a tour of the office …. (Excuse me while I wake myself up from my nap). Seriously though, I’m sure the tour will be a blast when it happens next week, but take it from someone who works at Stiletto, the tour of the office can wait. Because I have something far, far sexier to talk about. Kissing. I worry that kissing is becoming a lost art these days as it’s the “main course” that gets all the attention. And while I love a good sex-in-the-shower (or on the counter, or at the opera (!!) session as much as the next girl, but there’s is nothing—nothing—like magic of the first kiss.… Continue