Kris Kennedy: The Wild Animal That Is My Book Release

Kris Kennedy shares with us what it’s like to experience the all important and ever-changing ‘book release’.
I have been blessed enough to have had 4 of the stories I’ve written turn into books. Each release day is different, and I’ve done tons of things on those “On Sale” days: drink champagne with friends, worry endlessly, hide in my bedroom, clean the bathrooms… I’ve even wondered why there has yet to be a parade thrown in my honor. (Still wondering about that one…)

Kris Kennedy on Heroes and Heroines

Historical author Kris Kennedy discusses what it is that draws us to a hero and keeps us coming back for more.
Most romance readers read for character, for the romantic conflict between hero and heroine. Yes, we need a plot, some of us more than others. And yes, we love strong world-building, so we can get lost in a new world, be it a fictional U.S. town in 2011 or a medieval castle in 1153. We need tension, tough choices, and sensual energy. But all those devices should be used to create vivid characters we can totally fall in love with. Characters that can become Keepers.