Evangelistic About Books, from Lisa + Giveaway!

Evangelistic About Books When Sue Grimshaw invited me to blog about booksellers today, I couldn’t stop grinning. Seriously, I had a permanent smile on my face. Why? Because I love books. And I think we, the readers, are all booksellers. In fact, I think we’re the best booksellers on earth. Better than a brick and mortar store? Better than Amazon? You bet! Have you ever finished a book and immediately told everyone you know to go read it? When I find a new book, or series, or author that writes a fabulous story with characters I wish I could invite over to my house for a barbecue, I tell people. In fact, I get downright evangelical about books I love. I just got back this week from the RWA National Conference in New York, and… Continue

Not Another Romance Blog . . + Giveaway!

Part I Ok, this is a special day — we are going to chat, real time – from 12-1:00 p.m. (EST), & again, 4-5:00 p.m. (EST), are you game? Come onto our site, www.romanceatrandom.com & we are going to talk, one on one about stuff – it is your opportunity to ask me any question you want . . . the door is open . . . I will answer it in the best way that I can, & if I can’t, I’ll try to get you the answer. Sound like a plan???? To make this interesting, I’m going to give away 10 ebook cards you must be here during the specified chat times to win — it will be like, a ‘tag’ you’ve won– sound silly? Well, maybe so, but, you could WIN!

Notes From an RWA Nationals Virgin by Kiersten Hallie Krum + Giveaway!

Notes From an RWA Nationals Virgin
by Kiersten Hallie Krum

With author Roxanne St. Claire at the literacy signing
This June, I attended my first RWA National Conference in New York City. Yea, I was a Nationals Virgin. Hoo boy. My first day of high school, I remember walking up the ramped hallway, scared to death, only to notice a frenemy at my side. “Look straight ahead,” she advised in a rare moment of shared trepidation, “and keep breathing.” She was on my mind as I forayed into the Literacy Signing, the kick off to a marvelous, stimulating, and exhausting week, mostly because breathing was a challenge as the enormous ballroom was packed to the gills with authors and their exuberant fans (myself included). Which brings me to my first first-timer’s tip: Bring a fan.… Continue

Visiting Old Friends by Sara Reyes + Giveaway!

Next week the last Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2, at least for the first round, will be released in theatres world wide. As one of the fans, I plan an entire week of Potter Mania. First I’m re-reading all seven books, and going back over the life of Harry Potter: from my first glimpse to adulthood in the epilogue. I think this round of reading is different as I “know” some of the results of the choices Harry makes. Not sure if knowing detracts or adds to my enjoyment. but I really feel the need to indulge one last time. After all this is my LAST CHANCE to celebrate with thousands of other Potter fans, to be one with fellow fans, to celebrate the life of a literary… Continue

Meeting authors, by Nikki + GIVEAWAY!

Meeting Authors and Reader Events- A Virgin Tale Let me begin by telling you how excited I am to be here today! I feel extremely privileged to be asked to speak on any topic at all. I’m Nikki and I blog all about everything over at Ramblings From A Chaotic Mind. Well, mostly about sexy romance and a few awesome young adult books I get my hands on. Oh…and hotties. Lots of hotties. I may have been reading for years…and blogging for the past year, but only recently did I meet my first author. I live in Massillon, Ohio. Not exactly the mecca of the writing community. I had heard that Leah Clifford lives near Cleveland, Ohio (also not a writing mecca) and asked her about the possibility of her doing a signing in… Continue

Heather’s Book Review – Enjoy!!

Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh

* I received a copy of this book from Berkley in exchange for an honest review* The hardcover debut of New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh and her highly acclaimed Psy/Changeling novels. Since the moment of her defection from the PsyNet and into the SnowDancer wolf pack, Sienna Lauren has had one weakness. Hawke. Alpha and dangerous, he compels her to madness. Hawke is used to walking alone, having lost the woman who would’ve been his mate long ago. But Sienna fascinates the primal heart of him, even as he tells himself she is far too young to handle the wild fury of the wolf. Then Sienna changes the rules-and suddenly, there is no more distance, only the most intimate of battles between two people who were never… Continue

Don’t miss Lara Adrian’s latest Midnight Breed romance!

The seduction continues with Lara Adrian’s newest addition to her Midnight Breed series: Deeper than Midnight DELIVERED FROM THE DARKNESS, A WOMAN FINDS HERSELF PLUNGED INTO A PASSION THAT IS DEEPER THAN MIDNIGHT. At eighteen, Corinne Bishop was a beautiful, spirited young woman living a life of privilege as the adopted daughter of a wealthy family. Her world changed in an instant when she was stolen away and held prisoner by the malevolent vampire Dragos. After many years of captivity and torment, Corinne is rescued by the Order, a cadre of vampire warriors embroiled in a war against Dragos and his followers. Her innocence taken, Corinne has lost a piece of her heart as well—the one thing that gave her hope during her imprisonment and the only thing that matters to her now that she… Continue