Talking INSIDE OUT with Lisa Renee Jones

Deep secrets, dark eroticism, forbidden sex, romantic suspense, hot alpha men, and an extremely well-crafted story are some of the elements that attracted readers to Lisa Renee Jones’ bestselling “Inside Out” series and have kept them there for three steamy books and seven novellas—thus far. Fans are on the edge of their seats waiting for the fourth full-length novel, No In Between, publishing today. The story begins in the San Francisco art world, and revolves around darkly erotic journals found in an abandoned storage unit.  A high school teacher is left with the task of clearing the unit for a friend and becomes obsessed with reading the intimate details of another woman’s life. Concerned about the woman’s well-being, she sets out to find out what happened and in the process assumes the other woman’s job, … Continued

Now just .99 – Limited Time only – Book Review: Play with Me by Lisa Renee Jones **Spoiler Alert

May Contain Spoilers Review by Julie at Manga Maniac Cafe: I haven’t read anything by Lisa Renee Jones before, so I was eager to start Play with Me. From the first sentence I was sucked into the story. I loved Kali’s voice. She’s a no nonsense young woman who knows what she wants, and she’s not afraid to work to achieve her goals. After suffering a major setback in her plan to reboot her life, she takes a temporary position as Damion’s personal assistant. She quickly discovers that he’s a beast to work for. An attractive beast, but a beast none the less! Relying on a strong sense of self, though, she quickly lets him know she won’t let him push her around.

#Cover Reveal – Heating up the Holidays!

Heating Up the Holidays (Play with Me by New York Times bestselling author ~ Lisa Renee Jones, Snowfall by Mary Ann Rivers, and After Midnight by Serena Bell)

Release Day with Guest Lisa Renee Jones + chocolate giveaway!

Tomorrow is my release day for IF I WERE YOU and I’ve never been so nervous about a book in my career. It’s a chocolate addiction kind of day — not that I have to have and excuse for chocolate! I have so many favorites so I feel a chocolate blog coming on! But why is it that I NEED to talk about, and eat (and consume in my coffee) chocolate to get through this release? I think it’s a variety of reasons. One big reason I’ve been nervous about this release is that this book is SO different from anything I’ve ever written. I was terrified to send it out to the world. Would people think I was nuts? Would they say WHAT is this? It’s not Lisa Renee Jones.