Talking with Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke about YOUR PERFECT LIFE

Lisa Steinke and Liz Fenton are the dynamic duo behind the blog Chick Lit Is Not Dead. No, chick lit is not dead. And Liz and Lisa continue to prove it with their new novel YOUR PERFECT LIFE. Today, they talk with R@R about their unique collaboration, the books that get them excited, and why the grass isn’t always greener.  How did your writing collaboration happen, and how does it work? We’ve known each other for 25 plus years and from the moment we met in high school, we always shared a love of books and reading. But it wasn’t until college that we first collaborated on a writing project. And that single experience of co-authoring a one-act play for our theater class almost turned us off to the idea of writing together for good.… Continue