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WINNERS Announced! Release Day! Forbidden: The Soulkeepers + Giveaway!

I can’t believe this day has finally arrived! It’s a walking on air kind of day never to be repeated. There is only one debut novel for a writer, and I’m so happy that mine is Forbidden, a story very close to my heart. Several years ago when I first began writing Forbidden, I had no idea that the paranormal genre was so popular. Big surprise on me! But what got me even more was the never-ending interest in the particular theme of Angels. (So it’s not just me :D) There are few things that have captured and sustained my imagination more than Angels. When we’re little, Angels are often seen as that soft idea hovering around our peripheral beliefs. Those chubby cherubs with doughy skin and serene expressions that must mean Angels… Continue
Lori Adams

Cover Reveal – AWAKEN by Lori Adams ~ Book Two in the Soulkeepers Series

Sophia is back in Lori Adams’s next installment, AWAKEN, book two in the hot New Adult series of paranormal romance—the Soulkeepers— I think one of my favorite parts of this book is the paintball scene — have you ever played that game? Paintball – it’s a riot! Dressed in fatigues you’re part of one of two teams and you run around like a crazy person with a paintball gun and try to kill/paint-splatter the enemy — and yes it is seriously messy. The fun part about this scene is that Sophia and Michael have a strong bond, in many different ways (I can’t tell you too much!) and the closer they are physically the stronger their heartbeats become . . . for one another — isn’t that romantic!!! Love, LOVE, love this series –… Continue

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!! from Loria Adams, author of the Flirt New Adult Soulkeepers series

Merry Christmas everyone! Lori Adams guests today wishing us all a wonderful holiday season! Lori:
I am an avid reader of “O” magazine, and I always start by flipping to the back page to read the “What I Know for sure” page. I enjoy these tidbits of O wisdom but lately I’ve been wondering about:
What I don’t know for sure. As a writer, I love to research topics to add layers and authenticity to stories. I love to discover what I don’t know for sure. When I read fiction, I constantly evaluate the motives and emotions of the characters. And lately, I’ve been doing this with a keen eye toward the reader. What does the reader think of this hero? Can the reader relate to this character? Does the reader feel the ‘right’ emotional… Continue

The New Adult Journey by Lori Adams

There is a narrow space in time in which we all set sail and cross treacherous waters. We leave the grassy bank of our teen years and head toward the rocky mountains of adulthood. But between here and there is a vast unknown river we must navigate—the New Adult years. It is an unavoidable journey plagued with doubt, insecurity, fear, spontaneous joy, unexplainable bliss, failure, a solidifying of goals, and accomplishment, etc. Sometimes the best we can do is keep both oars in the water, follow the current toward our dreams (even if it means paddling up-stream), watch for low branches that will knock us for a loop, and hang on for dear life.

NEW ADULT draws a crowd in Atlanta!! by Lori Adams #Flirt

So I have survived my first RWA conference *whew* where I was overwhelmed by the positive energy that permeated throughout the workshops and luncheons. A more wonderful group of writers, editors, agents, and book reviewers I swear you could not find. It was so inspiring to chat with happy people who love what they do for a living. But the most inspiring surprise was walking into a packed room for the NEW ADULT Workshop! Yes people, the room was packed! As in standing room only! I hadn’t known what to expect . . . would there be a curious few trickling in? A couple of inquiring minds peering around the door to see what this NA phenomenon was all about? Perhaps this has answered the question floating around, “Is New Adult the Next Big Thing?”Continue

Introducing Flirt’s Lori Adams, a New Adultaholic

Hi, my name is Lori Adams and I’m a New Adultaholic. Confession time: I am one of FLIRT’S newest, New Adult authors. I was born in Oklahoma and now live in Southern California with my hubby and two daughters. I wrote my first book—at eight-years-old—about man-eating sharks. I eventually went on to devour romance novels during the eighties and still have an occasional craving for those dashing historical romance heroes.