LoveCraft: Club Inferno Jewelry + Giveaway

Your Key to Club Inferno In the first book of the Club Inferno series, Mallory is given access to a secret sex society that’s hidden away in her sister’s fashion resort, Couture. This exclusive members’ only dungeon has something for everyone, whether they’re new to the scene or dedicated to the lifestyle.  In HEAT, Mallory is given a pin to mark her as a prospective member.  But I thought it would fun to make some earrings that would be the key to getting into Club Inferno for fans of the series.   These earrings are easy to make.  So, if you want to make your own you will need the following materials:  two 4mm jump rings, two key beads, two ear wires, and a pair of chain nose pliers. Here’s what I did.  I took … Continued

LoveCraft: Novel and Craft Book Couples

March is National Craft Month and to celebrate we’re doing a weekly feature on crafting. This week, we’re focusing on novels about crafting and DIY craft books that go together like cake and ice cream, or chocolate and peanut butter, or macaroni and cheese (can you tell I was hungry when I wrote this post?).  Forget the similes and check out this list…We’ve got books that’ll appeal to whatever your artsy heart might desire.              FOR THE KNITTER  The Wishing Thread + Once Upon a Knit   Three magical sisters who are believed to knit their customers’ wishes and dreams into scarves, mittens, and beautiful tapestries must reconnect after their aunt’s death in The Wishing Thread.   Once Upon a Knit offers knitting patterns for characters from some of your favorite fairy … Continued