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Beauty and the Bodice Ripper

I dreamed that one day my love of make-up and love of fiction would somehow  converge. Fantasy is now reality: MAC Cosmetics just debuted their new line of romance-novel inspired cosmetics! Their new collection, called A Novel Romance, hit stores yesterday and is described as “teeming with deep, luscious shades that will leave you feeling overwhelmed with desire.” You know where you’ll find me on my lunch break. For more, visit MAC.    
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Spring Clean Your Beauty Bag

Remember when you decided boysenberry lipstick was your true color? Then wore it once. There was also that time you declared turquoise to be the best eye shadow for summer—and never applied it past the 4th of July? It happens all the time. We try new shades, colors, and creams—some work, some don’t, and yet they all make a home in our beauty bag. Just like ridding your closet of old clothes, cleaning your makeup bag is necessary and therapeutic.   Quarterly Cleaning “Cleaning out your bag every season is the way to go,” says Emily Aznavourian, makeup artist and owner of Cheekadee Makeup Artists. “As far as purging specific products, it depends. The general rule is that if it is a damp product, like mascara or liquid liner, toss every 3-6 months. Lipsticks… Continue

Book or Blush?

For years my mother smeared a flirty shade of dark, glossy pink over her lips whenever she and my dad were going out on a date. I found out, some years later, that the name of her favorite shade of lipstick was “Going Dutch”. Strange, but true. And wouldn’t “Going Dutch” double quite nicely as the title of a novel? Turns out, this is true for lots of different cosmetics and we here at RomanceatRandom think it’s funny that romance and make-up copywriters seem to be such kindred spirits. In that same vein, see if you can tell the difference below between the books and the blush (or lip color, eye shadow, etc)!