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7 Things To Say To The Man In Your Life

Whether your marriage still feels like the newlywed stage, or you’re feeling like college roommates these days, there’s always room for improvement in relationships. To help you ramp up your relationship, we talked to sex and relationship expert Reid Mihalko, Reidaboutsex.com, for his tips on what to say to your guy to strengthen your connection and ramp up the romance in your relationship. One of Mihalko’s relationship courses, the Romance Home Run course helps his clients identify their partner’s “love language” (from Dr. Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages) and how to show love in a way that resonates with their partner so they feel cared for.   1. Tell him he’s doing a good job in the relationship. Men are usually what Mihalko calls “dogs” or “cats” and, just like women, what… Continue

Is Bedroom Clutter Hurting Your Marriage?

Improve your relationship and heat up your love life with these feng shui tips You tackled the garage and organized your closet as part of your spring-cleaning regimen, but did you know that the clutter under your bed (and on your side table and in your bookcases) could be the reason there’s not much excitement happening in your bed? Luckily, The Feng Shui Guy, Ariel Joseph Towne, author of Serene Makeover Inner Edition shared his expertise on how to use the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui (pronounced FUNG schway) organization and laws in your bedroom to improve your relationship, heat up your sex life, and create a soothing haven for rest. “What’s going on in your space is a metaphor for what’s going on in your life,” says Towne. “Clutter represents obstacles to… Continue

Do not get married on these days . . WHAT?

Can you believe it? Guys actually have days designated that they should not get married on — and, I’ll tell you why . . . . One day a few weeks ago my husband and I switched cars – his tire was flat and it was easier for him to take my car rather than be late for work. No worries – everything went smoothly, I called AAA and it was fixed in a snap. That afternoon I had to run out to FedEx — I hopped into hubby’s car and as I’m flipping through the set radio stations, which are ALL sports BTW, trying to find something I’d be interested in I decided not to bother switching channels as it was a short drive so I decided to listen to one of the channels… Continue

Do romance novels give women unrealistic relationship expectations?

Interesting post from Bestselling author Stephanie Bond – one that makes you think, do romance books create these expectations? What do you think? I confess I was so deliriously happy when I sold my first romance novel back in 1995, I was unprepared for some of the derision I have since learned comes with the territory. Happily, most of my friends were and are still pleased and impressed with my vocation, but there were a few who raised an eyebrow, and new acquaintances who look at me askance after they learn I write “those” books. One such incident happened recently, when a friend introduced me to her coworker at a cocktail party.

Got Stress? You Might Be A Romance Writer If…

Author Virna DePaul gives readers insight into the actual writing of the story and the physical impact it can have on the writer too – remember, every week 5 randomly chosen commenters win a FREE book – winners announced on Sunday – good luck! I used to imagine the ideal writer’s life this way: think Colin Firth in the movie Love Actually. Lush countryside. Beautiful Italian villa. Tons of peace and quiet. The reality is, of course, something different. Stress is a part of it, but I try to remember that’s not always a bad thing.

Romance readers, remember those books where . . .+ Giveaway

Remember those romance books where the H/H were forced into marriage midway through the book?
Those stories that were written typically using the ‘marriage of convenience’ plot? The H/H are left with no other option but to marry which gave the reader an insight into their struggles getting to know one another and then ultimately how it all leads to their falling in love? Stephanie Laurens had a few Cynster heroes fall into these plot lines; Catherine Coulter’s Viking series certainly had a few forced marriages.

It seems to me that we’re seeing fewer marriage of convenience stories today, don’t you think? With today’s romance stories, the actual ‘marriage’ may never even happen in the book – at best they may become engaged . . .they may be devoted to one another at the end… Continue