TOXIC by Kim Karr

"The marriages, the scandals, the lies, eating disorders, addictions, and exclusive clubs – I could read a whole series about the people we meet in TOXIC and never get bored..."

NEVER LOVED by Charlotte Stein

"I highly recommend picking it up if your usual romances are feeling a bit stale. I can promise you Stein’s writing is like nothing else out there."


"Borrow-A-Bridesmaid is a story about a woman finding herself in the real world after college, the realization that love isn’t as easy as it looks in the movies, and the hope that the guy in the Yeats tie is as dorky as you..."

BROKEN JULIET by Leisa Reyven

"This series is perfection, absolute perfection. Now beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that, and I know not everyone loves angst or bad-boy thespians, but I freaking loved it. Most times the sequel isn’t half as good as the first book, but BROKEN JULIET is spectacular. It manages to bring in new storylines while keeping the same feel of the last book. It feels fresh yet familiar – the perfect continuation of an amazing story..."

THE MINDY PROJECT: Season 3, Episode 21

With the fate of season four up in the air, the season finale of THE MINDY PROJECT left us hoping for a happily ever after as season three comes to an end.

THE MINDY PROJECT: Season 3, Episode 20

Danny and Mindy are having breakfast when they get an invitation from Peter to attend his wedding. Wow, so I guess a lot has happened since last time we saw Peter and he was pretty much stalking Lauren. The wedding will be talking place at Lauren’s family’s “inhuman but profitable” cattle ranch...

THE MINDY PROJECT: Season 3, Episode 18

Mindy is making great progress with the actual building of her new fertility clinic, but she’s having problems getting patients. Even stalking celebrities at book signings (cameo by Kris Jenner!) isn’t helping...

THE MINDY PROJECT, Season 3, Episode 17

Danny has started to resemble a helicopter mom and is hovering over Mindy telling her not to stand too close to the microwave or drink coffee. He also wants Mindy to start eating healthy. But Mindy finally has a reason to eat for two and she’s not going to let it go to waste...
Cinderella and the Ghost.ebook

CINDERELLA AND THE GHOST (The Cursed Princes #4) by Marina Myles

I tried ignoring this book. A French ghost and time travel? Not my normal read. But something kept pulling me back. No it wasn’t something I would usually be drawn to, but a retelling of Cinderella with a side of science fiction was too good to pass up...

GAME PLAY by Lynda Aicher

One night, one time, nothing more. That's all it was supposed to be. They'd agreed their first night together would be their only night together—and Minnesota Glaciers defenseman Dylan Rylie was fine with that. Giant hickeys and claw marks on his ass had never been his style, even if the very memory of Samantha Yates's merciless sexual energy gets him hard within seconds. He needs to focus on getting a better contract, not mind-blowing orgasms.

THE MINDY PROJECT: Season 3, Ep 15

It’s taken thirty positive pregnancy tests and one negative Popsicle stick but Mindy is finally ready to tell Danny that she’s pregnant...

ALL OF ME (Inside Out #6) by Lisa Renee Jones

A mini novel at 50,000 words: Passion. Mystery. It all collides in the breathtaking ALL OF ME. He's rich and famous, his past dark, but so is hers. Can they save each other? Or will the darkness tear them apart?


Unlike the heroine of her popular thriller series, Georgia Delaune can’t afford to take risks or push sexual boundaries—unless you count spying through her neighbor’s bedroom window, and never missing a single move he makes. Colby Wilkes is more than willing to put on a show for the alluring woman next door. But his dominant side aches to show her the pleasures of submission up close. As a counselor, Colby is sensitive to Georgia’s fears. As a Dom at The Ranch, a private BDSM retreat, he’s the perfect teacher to unleash her passion. But just as Georgia lowers her emotional barriers, an unexpected complication arrives: a bad boy musician from Colby’s past who adds fuel to her heated imagination. Now, the lonely author has two gorgeous men eager to fulfill every fantasy she’s ever written—and one she’s never dared to dream….

FALLING AWAY by Penelope Douglas

Penelope Douglas’ books are never what I imagine. I go in with a preconceived notion of how the characters are going to act but they end up completely obliterating what I though I knew. And you know what? I freaking love it.

Best of the Year 2014

As we get down to the final days of 2014, we’re thinking back on all the books that have inspired our lust, our love, our laughter, and our tears. R@R contributors found it hard to pick just one; some just had to include a runner-up (or two!). Here are our picks for Best Books of the Year.
Bad Romeo

BAD ROMEO by Leisa Rayven

"I want to live inside this book. I want to peel back the pages, climb inside and snuggle in its angsty goodness. This book is my Kryptonite. It has everything I love: Shakespeare, angst, humor, a slow build up, explosive chemistry, and the ending, oh lord, the ending! That ending was pure perfection."

Tried-and-True Holiday Romances

I’ve created a list of tried-and-true holiday romances. Just sit back with one of these holiday books and forget about the fifty Christmas cards you need to mail in the morning.

THE MINDY PROJECT, Season 3 Episode 11

Okay people, settle in. You’re going to need to soak up all the Danny/Mindy goodness that you can because this is the last Mindy Project for a while. Mindy will return January 6th after a holiday break. After you find the perfect man you begin to wonder when he’s going to put a ring on it. Mindy begins looking for signs that Danny is going to ask her to marry him. She carries his picture around town going to different jewelers to see if they remember him purchasing an engagement ring. When she doesn’t have luck there she goes through his shredded bank statements. When she finds a purchase for $20,000 Mindy thinks she’s found the evidence Danny is going to propose. At the hospital, Dr. Fishman calls Mindy into her office. She’s so impressed… Continue
Want It_Chance_R@R

WANT IT by Jennifer Chance

For Erin Connelly, being a good girl isn’t such a bad thing. She’s working her dream job at a Boston art gallery and staying out of trouble, which is more than she can say for her deadbeat mom. Unfortunately, her mother’s latest misadventure lands her in the clutches of a Mexican drug lord. Now the only person who can save her is the one man Erin has no business asking for help: the sexy-as-sin army ranger who just so happens to be her former high school sweetheart.
her winning formula

HER WINNING FORMULA (Hot &Nerdy #3) by Shannyn Schroeder

Spring break was supposed to be a last blast of fun for three friends before the reality of adulthood set in. But for the trio’s science whiz, it’s an education in instant attraction… Chemistry major Felicity Stone can tell you everything about the way chemicals interact, but when it comes to social interaction, she needs schooling. Abandoned by her friends, Felicity is faced with spending spring break alone—unless she accepts a gorgeous stranger’s invitation to pose as his girlfriend at a family wedding. Not one to turn down a research opportunity, Felicity never expected it to produce such breathtaking results… Teacher and baseball coach Lucas Tanner is fascinated by Felicity’s potent mix of spirit and scientist, not to mention her delicious curves. When Felicity asks him to return the favor by teaching her how to Continue