Mixology, Episode Three

As the couples-in-the-making circle one another, this show is growing on me. Last week, we saw good girl Liv falling for the super adorable British guy Ron (who originally showed up at the bar as single mom Jessica’s blind date).  Her wedding invites go out tomorrow, but that doesn’t stop her from taking off her ring to indulge in a night of heavy flirtation. This week, Bruce makes his moves on Jessica. At first, he thinks it’s going to be easy: “Single mothers are so, so, easy. They’re tired, they’re horny — all they want to do is knock it out with someone who vaguely resembles a man, and then go home.” But Jessica is having none of it, and cuts him down with withering assessment of him as a guy, “ Who couldn’t get… Continue

Mixology, Premiere Recap

The premise of the show is that the entire season takes place over the course of one night. “This is the story of ten strangers, one night, and all of the embarrassing, ridiculous things we do to find love.” We start with Tom. Tom is your typical nice guy nursing a broken heart. His friends Bruce and Cal have him out at a trendy bar in New York City to get back on his feet. His friend tells him it’s so easy to get a woman to sleep with you: “Sex and the City changed the game, my friend.” At first, one of Tom’s friend suggests a woman wearing flats, but the other friend says no way, “Women who wear flats are never trying to [have sex].” He says the rule is, The higher… Continue