Creating My Own Happy Endings

One of the many reasons I love romance is that I like happy endings. I always have. I remember, as a ten-year-old, being so upset by a Sweet Valley High book that ended with Elizabeth in a coma that I never picked up another Sweet Valley book again. (Extra funny because I found out many years later that that was just a lead-in to a story where Elizabeth awoke from the coma with Jessica's personality! But my library didn't own the follow-up.) Sometimes I'm so upset by an ending that I have to fix it...

GODZILLA—A Surprising Love Story

When I was a little girl, I watched old-school Godzilla on Ted Turner’s Supersation 17 (or TBS for you real old-timers) in Atlanta, Georgia. I might have just dated myself. Let’s keep that between us, yeah? I remember Godzilla being this big, scary dinosaur/sea/who-knows-what-it-is monster and of course I remember people scattering like ants when he roared. I remember the epic battles with Mothra, Ghidora and King Kong. Death, mass destruction, mayhem—Godzilla was one of the original death-bringers. So when my three teen girls asked me to take them to see the new Godzilla, I was skeptical. I expected more death, mass destruction and mayhem only this time (SPOILER ALERT PEOPLE) Godzilla was a good monster, full of love and caring for the human race—look, I could be stretching that a bit, but bear with me. Bottom line?
Kiss Your Mate Feature

Guess What Day it Is? Kiss Your Mate Day – So This is How You Do It

Honestly – it would be terrible if we didn’t offer up some instruction to this special holiday — not that we all don’t know how to kiss – but it’s fun to see how the Hollywood ‘experts’ do it – – – – –
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Remember Friends? Ross & Rachel had it down! 
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And really, Rhett did not really give a damn. 
I’m not sure who these people are but they seem to have the swing of it. 
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1933: Grace Bradley prepares to kiss a reluctant Charles Farrell (1901-1988) 
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Selena Gomez Humiliated for Kissing Justin Bieber On Camera  That should do it – a few visual tips from newbies to classic. Now go kiss your Continue
The Other Woman Feat. Image

Weekend Viewing: The Other Woman

This week I got to go to an advance screening of THE OTHER WOMAN (!) which made me feel both very special and very excited because it had been on my list of movies to see this month. I love a good rom-com and in that department, THE OTHER WOMAN delivers. The basic set-up of the movie is that high-power NYC lawyer, Carly (Cameron Diaz–rom-com veteran) has been dating entrepreneur Mark King (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), who happens to be very married to Kate King (Leslie Mann). She discovers this when she makes an impromptu (and sexy) visit to his house in Connecticut and Kate answers the door. While Kate comes to grips with the fact that everything she thought she knew about her marriage is wrong, she somehow convinces Carly to help her cope…and get revenge… Continue

About Last Night and Endless Love: Why I Won’t See the Re-Makes

Valentine’s Day weekend brings the remake of two iconic romance films from the 1980’s: Endless Love, starring Brooke Shields and Martin Hewitt, and About Last Night, starring Demi Moore and Rob Lowe.  Let’s start with Endless Love: Fifteen year old Jade Butterfield is in love with her seventeen year old boyfriend, David Axelrod, and he is obsessively in love with her. They exist in that sort of passion bubble – the kind that makes anyone who has been lucky enough to experience it believe that love is, in fact, a form of temporary insanity. Brooke Shields and Martin Hewitt, Endless Love 1981 David has ingratiated himself into Jade’s family, a household of fading WASP grandeur and bohemianism. David’s parents are strict Jewish intellectuals. Anyway, Jade and David’s flagrant sexuality (including sleepovers Continue

And the Race Begins

This morning the Academy Award nominees were announced in Hollywood. While  some fan favorites got snubbed (Tom Hanks?), it’s clearly a packed playing field.  March 2 will be an interesting night. And the nominees are: Coming Sunday, March 2 BEST PICTURE
American Hustle
Captain Phillips
Dallas Buyers Club
12 Years A Slave
The Wolf Of Wall Street BEST ACTOR
Christian Bale
Bruce Dern
Leonardo DiCaprio
Chiwetel Ejiofor
Matthew McConaughey BEST ACTRESS
Amy Adams
Cate Blanchett
Sandra Bullock
Judi Dench
Sally Hawkins, Blue Jasmine
Jennifer Lawrence. American Hustle
Lupita Nyongo, 12 Years A Slave
Julia Roberts, August: Osage County
Barkhad Abdi, Captain Phillips
Bradley Cooper, American Hustle
Michael Fassbender, 12 Years A Slave
Jonah Hill, The Wolf Of Wall Street
Jered… Continue

WINNERS ANNOUNCED: The Oscar game, #Free books!!

Hard to believe the Oscars are celebrating their 85th year – amazing! One thing I’ve always wondered is why does this event have two names? Definitely an indicator that this is something BIG, something special. Trusty ole’ Wikipedia gave me some interesting answers to the origination of the event – did you know:
  • The Academy Awards, informally known as The Oscars, are a set of awards given annually for excellence of cinematic achievements.
  • The Oscar statuette is officially named the Academy Award of Merit
  • Originally conceived by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studio executive Louis B. Mayer as a professional honorary organization to help improve the film industry’s image and help mediate labor disputes.
  • The awards themselves were later initiated by the Academy as awards “of merit for distinctive achievement” in the industry.
  • The awards were first given in
  • Continue

    Our Top 10 Favorite Romantic Holiday Movies

    While I’m sure your days are packed with last-minute shopping, wrapping gifts, and writing out cards, your nights might be a little quieter. If you need to give your mind a break and you’re (understandably) not in the mood to read, you’ll still need a way to get your romance fix. RomanceAtRandom’s got you covered!

    Bond . . James Bond . . . a heroes hero, 007 – who’s your favorite?

    He’s got all the cool cars, the newest in tech toys and he is the ultimate warrior at-the-ready — he’s the hero all women long for and the hero all men want to be like . . Bond . . .James Bond. Skyfall is the next movie in the Bond series; the 23rd Bond movie — coming to your local theater soon (11/9). Skyfall stars the ruggedly handsome Daniel Craig – the most recent Bond hero.

    Guest Post: ‘Drive by fruiting’, explained by Lorie Austin + GIVEAWAYS!

    We watch a lot of movies at my house. So my boys have always peppered their dialogue with movie quotes. They probably got it from me. For instance, when their dad would call they’d say: “Mom, it’s our father. Come to the dark side, you knob.” As anyone familiar with “the Great White North” knows, this is a quote (or close enough) from Strange Brew. When the boys would tussle as boys do, they would often say, “My name is Inigo Montoya. Prepare to die!” (Princess Bride) If anyone expresses concern over doing something that they think they might fail at, my response is: “Hell, the fall’ll probably kill ya.” (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) In other words, jump! It’ll all work out in the end. Except . .

    Guest Post – Romance novels would make good movies too

    When Diana Gabaldon recently announced that her novel Outlander had been optioned for a TV series, I was practically giddy!  Outlander remains one of my favorite romances of all time (even though it’s not classified as a romance), and I’ve been longing to see the book come to life, but I was also really worried about how they could visually represent such a complicated and long book in a movie that would only be 2-3 hours long.   An impossible feat!  I think anyone who has read the book, understands where I’m coming from.  But a TV series…now, that is the perfect venue for bringing this book to life!  Finally a beloved romance novel coming to the big screen (depending on how big your TV is, LOL).  Which then got me to thinking about what other … Continue

    Guest Post – Jessica Scott, Army Captain meets lights, camera, action!

    A star is born – check out Jessica Scott’s latest adventures below – congrats Jess! Don’t miss her new book, Until There Was You on sale in October A few weeks ago, right after RWA, I had the opportunity to sit down with Australian Broadcast Corporation’s Jane Cowan and talk romance, writing and life in the army. I’d never done a TV interview before so it was incredibly nerve wracking until I actually met Jane and Louie.

    Book or Movie? Or Both? + Giveaway!!

    Book or Movie? Or Both? One of the most anticipated movie events of the year is rolling in on March 23rd. That’s the date that The Hunger Games, based on Suzanne Collins’ bestselling YA dystopian, hits theaters. This isn’t the first big book to movie release and it won’t be the last, but whenever a loved story becomes a movie, I wonder how people will react. I know HG is already selling out movie theaters weeks before its release, but how will fans of the book feel about it when the movie is over and the lights come up in the theater. Thinking about The Hunger Games, I’m curious to see how the producers of the film bring the fictitious country of Panem to life. The cast is impressive, the special effects look… Continue

    Fan Fiction — what do you think? + Giveaway!!

    Fan Fiction : a fictional account written by a fan of a show, movie, book, or video game to explore themes and ideas that will not or cannot be explored via the originating medium, typically written by fans.
    I’m not sure when this trend really began but it seems to be more and more of a thing these days. Harry Potter has over 74000 Fan Fiction novels based on the popular series – Star Trek is a huge venue for this type of story telling as well . . . Anime characters seem to propel their fans to write about other aspects of those stories too. Typically, they are written for fun but some are real stories that these fans are hoping to publish.
    Interesting is it not? I think about books, or movies that… Continue

    My favorite seasonal movies are . . . what are yours?

    How could I not begin this post with THE CHRISTMAS CAROL — one of my all time favs. When I was growing up in Milwaukee, WI, there were two things we always did to celebrate the holidays — travel downtown Milwaukee to the Milwaukee Repertoire Theater to watch the play, THE CHRISTMAS CAROL & we also celebrated by attending the NUTCRACKER Ballet, presented by the Milwaukee Ballet – woot! Memories . . . Now, I watch Snoopy on TV –
    I certainly have enjoyed Tim Allen in his Christmas movies - The Grinch is always a good one to keep the kids entertained . . . interesting that they never get scared —- Rudolph is fun; It’s a Wonderful Life is a classic; Jingle All the Way with Arnold Schwartzeneger was funny; Home Alone Continue

    Movie in the making, Stephanie Plum hits the big screen!

    I’m I the only one anticipating this movie? USA Today shows 1/27/2012 as the release date. Thumbs up or down on Katherine as Stephanie Plum? Personally, I want to see Grandma Mazur & Lula!
    Here’s the cast:
  • Katherine Heigl – Stephanie Plum
  • Jason O’Mara – Joe Morelli
  • John Leguizamo – Jimmy Alpha
  • Daniel Sunjata – Ranger
  • Debbie Reynolds – Grandma Mazur
  • Patrick Fischler – Vinnie Plum
  • Sherri Shepherd – Lula
  • Ana Reeder – Connie
  • Leonardo Nam – John Cho
  • Nate Mooney – Eddie Gazarra
  • Gavin-Keith Umeh – Benito Ramirez
  • Explosive Eighteen on sale now:
    Bounty hunter Stephanie Plum’s life is set to blow sky high when international murder hits dangerously close to home, in this dynamite novel by Janet Evanovich. Before Stephanie can even step foot off Flight 127 Hawaii to Newark, she’s knee deep… Continue