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Hockey Heroes have the best abs! Enjoy your Friday!! From the R@R Staff

Winners announced! Meet @ToniAleo, writer, mother, above all . . a Hockey fan! + $20 Giveaway! #Loveswept

Why being a HOCKEY romance author rocks my socks! I have always enjoyed the whole romance world, being a hopeless romantic it’s expected but then I discovered that there were hockey romances and my heart exploded. Honestly. Big, rough, rugged guys throwing their hearts on the ice for a woman to have? UGH YEAH! SIGN ME UP! But before I get to those sexy men, let me start from the beginning. I haven’t always been a hockey fan. Growing up, I was really into music and singing, things like that. I did do my stint in softball but that was only to keep my sexy girlish figure.

AB solutely! Guess who this six belongs to?

Ladies, meet Shea – TAKING SHOTS introduces a hot new series from Toni Aleo and her hunky Assassin team, a series that’s all about hockey & romance — with the NHL out of lockdown Shea and the Assassins will be on the road too – check out this series on our site, click here! Enjoy! From the staff on R@R