riding steele

RIDING STEELE series by Opal Carew

Being kidnapped by bikers is a harrowing experience, but for some reason, Laurie doesn’t feel as terrified as she should. The leader’s steely eyes soften when he looks at her, and the others in his gang clearly know she’s hands off. But does that include Steele's hands? Her brain resists him, but her body insists she wants those big hands all over her.

Opal Carew talks HIS TO POSSESS

Today I’m excited to talk to bestselling Opal Carew, one of my favorite erotica authors who this year celebrates her twentieth year of publication.  HIS  TO POSSESS,  first published as a six-part e- serial, tells the intoxicating tale of a woman torn between a dominant billionaire and a tattooed, bad boy rock musician and is now available for the first time as a complete book.   LB:  For readers who are new to your work, how long have you been publishing novels, and what was your first book? OC: I started out writing short stories and novellas, and was published in 1994. My very first published novella was actually fantasy and not romance! I published a couple of short stories with small magazines after that. In 2004, my first full book was published,… Continue