Worth the Risk_Connor1

WORTH THE RISK by Claudia Connor

Claudia Connor swept me off my feet again with this beautiful, heartfelt, and passionate romance. The epilogue was just so completely, and utterly perfect. I’m eagerly counting the days until her next story.

BREATHE by Kristen Ashley

I’m a huge fan of Kristen Ashley.  Her romances usually include a sassy, sweet heroine and an infuriating, but lovable alpha male in a story that will break your heart, and then make it soar with happiness.  No one writes alpha males better, and Chace was one of my favorites. Breathe was old-school Kristen Ashley at her finest. Faye is the town librarian, and a geeky bookworm.  She’s also been in love with Chace for the better part of thirteen years, since he moved to Carnal and joined their police force. But, alas, Chace had never acknowledged her existence in all those years, and she gave up on him when he married the town slut, Misty, six years ago. This move was shocking and made no sense to Faye or the town, because she was… Continue