Reality Romance: TRUE TORI, Episode Three

TRUE TORI was excruciating this week. I barely know where to begin. First, they had another therapy session with Dr. Wexler. Tori told Dean that she knew he always had the expectation that their sex life would stay the same as it had been at the beginning – sex multiple times a day, every day. But now they have four kids and work, and it’s just not realistic. “Yeah, but sometimes we go two weeks. Sometimes three. Once we even stretched it to a month,” Dean says. Tori looks at Dr. Wexler like, can you believe this guy? Dr. Wexler tells him that his expectations of married sex life is “a fairy tale.” (Yeah, if by “fairy tale” she means Cinemax late night). Tori cries, and tells him that his affair made her feel ugly, … Continued

TRUE TORI, Episode Two Recap

Watching TRUE TORI is a litmus test for married couples. Who’s the bad guy, who’s at fault, what should the couple do next? I have to confess I’ve had a few disagreements (ahem, fights) with my husband over this reality show romance-on-the-brink. To recap: After seven years of marriage and four kids together, Dean cheated on Tori, and she kicked him out of the house AND as was revealed in a really uncomfortable way this episode, he went into treatment after becoming suicidal. Now he’s ready to come home. But is she ready and willing to take him back? Tori and Dean go to a therapy session with Dr. Wexler, Tori’s therapist whom she has been seeing since she was in her twenties. During the session (Tori sits on one of the couch in a … Continued

Reality Romance: TRUE TORI, Episode 1 Recap

Just before Christmas, US Weekly broke the story that Tori Spelling’s husband (and father of her four children), Dean McDermott, cheated on her with a twenty-something woman while he was away in Canada filming the TV show Chopped. Whatever has happened between the couple since then has been the source of constant tabloid speculation. I will happily admit that I’ve read all of Tori Spelling’s memoirs. All of them, starting with Stori Telling six years ago. Love them. The perfect guilty pleasure. And so yes, I feel invested in Tori and Dean, and their whole domestic set-up. So last night, I gave into another guilty…something. Not sure pleasure is the right word. But I watched TRUE TORI. The show is billed as the following: “In a unique television event, Tori Spelling has made the courageous decision to … Continued

Reality Romance: ERIC & JESSIE, GAME ON Episode Five

Sydney is heartbroken. Apparently, things are cooling off with her new boyfriend, Zach. She bursts into tears and Jessie consoles her. Sydney says that he’s just sending her “token” text messages and she’d rather he just not text her at all. “He’s not the one,” Jessie tells her. “It just hurts,” says Sydney. Jessie says that even though she’s young, she knows what she wants. “You want to get married young, you want to have babies young, kind of like Momma did. And bake pies and take care of your family. That’s what’s important to you.” Jessie tells her that she has so much to offer and she can do better than Zach.  She tells the camera, “She’s twenty-two years old. She puts a lot of pressure on herself.” (It can’t be easy to live … Continued

The Real Housewives of New York, Episode Six Recap

The animosity between Heather and Aviva sets in even deeper, despite Ramona’s best efforts to play peacemaker. We open with some of the housewives at the Karen Karch jewelry store in Gramercy. It’s a fundraising event for Heather’s foundation (her son Jax had a liver transplant) The Kellner Family Pediatric Liver Foundation. Ramona is back from her trip to Africa, and is not happy to hear about the fight between Heather and Aviva. She’s especially not happy to hear that Heather is uninviting Aviva to her tenth anniversary party. She tells the camera, “Heather has a history of not inviting people to places and events.” We see from flashbacks that Ramona has been on the bad end of this. “It’s just not a nice thing to do,” she says. Sonja arrives, and she agrees Aviva … Continued

Reality Romance: Eric and Jessie, Episode Three Recap

It’s Super Bowl week, and Jessie is primping and prepping for her man’s big day. Jessie, her mom, and Sydney are getting manicures (in blue and orange, Denver Broncos colors). Jessie is also getting Eric’s number, 87, painted on her nails, and asks her mom “Do you want number 18 — for your hall pass?” Jessie says she knows “Peyton [Manning] is your hall pass.” Her mom, Karen, says “That’s secret information.” Jessie: You said you like the way he takes charge on the field. Karen: I’m feeling very hot right now. Jessie: My hall pass is Ryan Gosling. Next, it’s on to New York, where Eric’s team will be playing against the Seattle Seahawks (in New Jersey). Jessie is anxious to see Eric. They’ve been apart for two weeks, which is the longest they’ve … Continued

Real Housewives of New York, Episode Five Recap

We have some loose ends to tie up from last week before we move on to this week’s drama. And it gets REAL. The rancor from last week continues as we pick up at LuAnn’s barbecue. The “housewives” go around and around in circles over bookgate. Heather tells Amanda she has been “so insulting” to everyone (as if they all don’t tear each other apart on a regular basis.) The group is completely polarized between Carole and Aviva. Aviva’s husband defends her, while the other men stand around impotently. Heather starts talking “street,” which apparently she picked up hanging out with P Diddy. All the women (aside from Aviva) pretend they don’t even know who Amanda is, even though she has been in every episode this season. Heather says, “Someone needs to take out the … Continued

Reality Romance: Eric & Jessie, Episode Two Recap

The genetically blessed couple will be apart for two weeks, as Eric heads to New York and Jessie goes to LA to finish recording her new album — her first in five years — and then to Nashville for her baby shower. Jessie arrives at The London Hotel in Los Angeles with her mother. Jessie tells her mother it’s been hard to get the album finished because she wanted to be there for Eric during football season. Her Mom asked how he felt about her leaving just before he leaves for New York, and she says he’s not thrilled about it but knows it’s something she has to do. Jessie is also on the verge of getting sick. Back in Denver, Sydney is making cupcakes when Eric walks into the kitchen. (I didn’t realize that … Continued

Reality Romance: ERIC & JESSIE, GAME ON Season Two Premiere

If, like me, you missed the first season of this gorgeous couple, here’s some background: Game On follows the marriage and careers of country singer Jessie James and NFL player Eric Decker. They’ve told the media they want to do a show about a “functional” married couple. At the time this episode filmed, Eric played for the Denver Broncos (he’s since become a starting wide receiver for the New York Jets) and they were about a month and a half away from the birth of their daughter. On March 18, Vivianne Rose Decker was born. But back to the episode: Eric is in the middle of NFL playoffs, and Jessie is recording a new album. She’s also hugely pregnant. He says the baby is his number one priority. She’s helping him stretch out. Jessie is … Continued

Real Housewives of New York, Episode Three Recap

We continue right where we left off last week, with Carole and Aviva duking it out over their literary cred. Carole tells Aviva that she doesn’t talk about her parenting, so “don’t talk about my career.” It gets ugly. Carole tells Aviva she’s a sick person. Proving her point, Aviva retorts, “And who in the Kennedys are you still friends with today?” Carole tells Aviva she’s a psychopath with no soul. Aviva says, “Well, at least I’m not fifty years old.”  How do the other ladies react? Romana tells the camera she feels “really bad” about being the catalyst for the fight. Yeah. She also says, “To tell you the truth, Aviva can turn. And when she turns — look out.” Kristen can’t take the heat. “It’s not that big a deal. Can’t we all … Continued

Reality Romance: Eric and Jessie

There’s a new reality romance on my radar: Eric and Jessie: Game On. The second season of the show, starring country singer Jessie James and her NFL player husband Eric Decker (formerly of the Denver Broncos, now with the New York Jets) as they juggle life, love, family and work, premieres a week from tomorrow.  I, for one, will be tuning in. Jesse told the Denver Post: “This isn’t for anything except we’re madly in love with each other. We are so in love. And I don’t feel like a lot of people get to be in love like this. This is like a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing to find love like this. I feel like so many women or so many guys settle for something that’s not special. People are getting divorced and there’s … Continued

Real Housewives of New York, Episode Two Recap

The hashtag for this episode is #BookGate, so I knew I was in for something good. We open with Carole and Aviva at lunch so that Carole can give her advice about the book and just get it over with. As we learned last week, Aviva has written a memoir (It’s called Leggy Blonde, in case you’re interested.) Aviva puts on her eyeglasses, and Carole is weirded out and annoyed because she copied the same frames Carole has for her glasses. Aviva freely admits this, saying “I Single White Femaled you a long time ago.” Carole tells the camera, “Imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery. Flattery is the sincerest form of flattery.” It’s all downhill from there. Aviva insists that she wrote her book herself, and implies that Carole used a ghostwriter for … Continued

Reality Romance: Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Mid-Season Finale

Either I’ve hit a new personal low, or KOWTK has reached a dramatic highpoint. Either way, by the end of this episode I was crying. Crying! Kim is packing to join Kanye on his Yeezuz tour, and Kourtney and Scott are packing for a couples getaway to Miraval Spa in Arizona. Scott has been having a hard time since his mother died and Kourtney is hoping the trip will help him cope with the stress he is under instead of him just hiding his pain under the usual jokes and wise cracks. Rob, at his mother’s insistence, goes to the doctor to get his thyroid checked. He is gaining more and more weight. The family is out to dinner and Lamar calls Khloe but his phone cuts out. Khloe is frustrated because she’s been trying … Continued

Reality Romance: Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Episode Seven Recap

It’s the birthday episode, with both Kendall and Bruce celebrating in ways that bring the family together and also show where the lines are drawn. Kim and Khloe are at the Jenner house (where Kim is still living, and Bruce is not). A call comes in on the land line for Bruce, and Khloe tells the person that “Bruce doesn’t live here.” Khloe says to the camera that ever since he moved out he doesn’t come to the house anymore and it’s sad to her because she still considers him her dad and it’s “not real to me, or I don’t want to accept it.” Kim complains that she has to get her nails done and she has a fitting. “I can’t even think of all the things I have to do.” Khloe says, “Life … Continued

Reality Romance: Keeping Up with The Kardashians, Episode Six Recap

This is an intense episode: One couple’s life together begins, and another couple’s life together ends. The polarity of this could not have been planned, and it’s truly sad. Kourtney is making calls to rally the troops for the surprise trip to San Francisco for Kim’s birthday. Kim walks in and almost catches them. She says that Kanye wants her to fly to San Francisco for her birthday, but she doesn’t want to leave baby North for that long. Later, Kourtney asks Scott how his mother is doing. Apparently, she’s been having health problems. Kourtney explains in voice over that Scott is an only child, and he’s very close to his mother. Bruce walks in and overhears this. He asks Scott what’s going on, and Scot tells him his mother is in ICU. Her liver … Continued

Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Episode Two Recap

“I’m not sure I deserve a lot of things. But they come to me.” — Scott Disick After last week’s (non) shocker that Bruce and Kris are separating, and glimpse of the excruciating train wreck that is Khloe’s marriage to Lamar, this episode puts Kourtney and Scott’s relationship in the hot seat. The couple are seeing their therapist. Scott (rocking his new hair style and beard) says he feels like he should move out until she’s ready to have a relationship — that they should just call it what it is “More of a friendship than anything else.”  This isn’t the first time he’s basically said that they have no sex life.  For some reason which makes no sense whatsoever, (thank you, reality show editing) the therapist tells him to get a hobby — something … Continued

Keeping Up With The Kardashians – Episode 1 Recap

We all know that most of reality television is fake, but in the new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, some very real relationship drama is playing out. Whether or not the family planned to air the impending divorce of matriarch Kris Jenner and Bruce, or the sad and messy implosion of Khloe’s marriage, the tabloids forced their hand.  The tagline for this season is “The more things change, the more things stay insane.” And things are getting, as the Kardashians would say, “cray-cray.” We open with Kim getting her hair colored. “I’m so excited to go blond. I feel like people go blond when they need a change.” Khloe must need a change, too, because she is also getting her hair colored. She is also  avoiding Twitter because all the gossip about Lamar. … Continued

My Amish Reality: A Kinder, Gentler World

When people learn that I write Amish inspirational romances, their first response is: “Like those reality shows on television?” Not quite. Have you ever see a reality show about the Amish that is either inspirational or romantic? Exactly. Since authenticity is important to me, I find it surprising that Amish society, which does not allow photography, is now featured in high-def. One of the basic rules of Amish life is that Plain folk avoid being photographed, following the Bible’s disapproval of “graven images.” So how do Amish people have starring roles in these shows? I can’t explain the adults, but most of the young people on the shows – ages sixteen to twenty-two – are in their rumspringa, and are not yet bound by the rules of the church. Rumspringa is a period during which … Continued