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Brenda Janowitz and a RECIPE FOR A HAPPY LIFE

LB: Your first novel, Scot on the Rocks, published when – about eight years ago? And I read your latest novel, Recipe for a Happy Life, this past summer. How has your writing changed between those two books? And how has the experience of publishing a novel changed? BJ: My first two novels would be classified as “chick lit,” which is to say they’re smart, funny novels with heart about a single girl living in the city.  And that’s exactly what I was at the time.  But just as I’ve grown up, my writing has grown up, too. With RECIPE FOR A HAPPY LIFE, I was looking to do something different.  Something more grown up.  Something deeper.  The idea for the book—a granddaughter and her grandmother out in the Hamptons for the summer—was… Continue