Is Bedroom Clutter Hurting Your Marriage?

Improve your relationship and heat up your love life with these feng shui tips You tackled the garage and organized your closet as part of your spring-cleaning regimen, but did you know that the clutter under your bed (and on your side table and in your bookcases) could be the reason there’s not much excitement happening in your bed? Luckily, The Feng Shui Guy, Ariel Joseph Towne, author of Serene Makeover Inner Edition shared his expertise on how to use the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui (pronounced FUNG schway) organization and laws in your bedroom to improve your relationship, heat up your sex life, and create a soothing haven for rest. “What’s going on in your space is a metaphor for what’s going on in your life,” says Towne. “Clutter represents obstacles to… Continue

5 Ways to Surprise Your Man!

Photo Credit: Shutterstock When people say they don’t like surprises, it usually means they don’t like being embarrassed in front of a group. One-on-one surprises, however, especially from a lover, are not only appreciated but often just the thing needed to reignite the spark. Whether your man is a fan of spontaneity or someone who likes to be in control, these gestures will make his day (or night).   1. Answer the Door in Something Not Suitable for Work: It could be last year’s Halloween costume (unless you dressed up as Big Bird), a silk negligée, or an old dress that still fits but it’s a little on the short side. Whatever is it, let it be something you feel sexy in—as opposed to something you’re “supposed” to feel sexy in. You feeling confident and… Continue

‘FREE’ Sneak Peek, Until There Was You by Jessica Scott

From the author of Because of You comes an all-new contemporary eBook romance. Though he plays by the rules, she’s not afraid to break them. Now these two strong-willed military leaders will prove that opposites attract . . . even under fire. When Jessica’s first book released military romances were all the thing – readers wanted more SEALS and special ops stories, they still do. As authentic as Jessica’s stories are they ultimately deal with the relationship issues that you & I face everyday – whether it be the interaction with co-workers, teammates or husbands and wives.

Guest Post from Emilie Richards

What to write . . . Emilie Richards tells us what inspires her writing – enjoy! A writer friend once told me I should stay away from lists of topics publishers never want to see, because the moment I read one, I immediately plotted novels about each and every subject. And in a way she was right. I’ve always most enjoyed writing about issues or situations that are edgy or difficult, framing them in ways that make them interesting and engaging enough to pique my readers’ interest. That said, even I knew that writing One Mountain Away, my latest novel, was going to be a challenge. Because Charlotte Hale, the major character, is a woman who’s made numerous mistakes. And let’s peek at those “other” lists, the bestseller lists. How many of those novels are… Continue

So, Fifty Shades of Grey did not rock your socks? These books will, BDSM Free

I was on the Twitter circuit this week and I heard you all LOUD and CLEAR – some loved Fifty Shades of Grey, others tolerated it . . . but there is a group that is absolutely NOT going to read it. We certainly don’t want you to feel left out just because everyone is into the 50 Shades craze and you’re not, so we’ve some up with a few suggestions for you and your reading pleasure. Side note – That is one thing I love about social media, the spontaneous interaction you can have — I almost think people are more honest when conversing online rather than if you & I were chatting on the phone or in the office on coffee break. As usual, this topic originated from a Tweet I initiated… Continue

Guest Blog, Tawna Fenske – I’m not ashamed to admit . . .+ Giveaway!

Guest Blog, Tawna Fenske My name is Tawna, and I am not ashamed to admit the following: • I have absolutely no musical talent. On the rare occasion I’m moved to sing in the shower, my dog flees the bathroom and hides in my closet.
• I love music so much I can’t stand to be in a silent room. It doesn’t matter if I’m driving or writing or in bed enjoying a shirtless serenade from my gentleman friend (who, thankfully, has enough talent that animals do not flee when he sings and plays guitar). There must be music around me at all times or I will curl up in a ball and rock back and forth humming Poison’s, “Talk Dirty to Me.”
• Though I’m fond of most musical genres, the one I love… Continue

Guest Review – REDWOOD BEND by Robyn Carr + Giveaway!

REDWOOD BEND reviewed By Kathy Altman, USA TODAY

Genre: Contemporary romance
No longer content to live so far away from the only family she and her 5-year-old twins have, Army widow Katie Malone packs up her boys and heads to Virgin River, Calif., for the summer. She hopes to find somewhere nearby to settle — somewhere kid-friendly but not too close to her overprotective brother. After months of hiding out on one side of the country while her brother laid low on the other, waiting for his chance to testify against a murderer with mob connections — a chance that never arrived because the mobster was killed the morning of the trial — Katie and her boys desperately need some safety and stability in their lives. Which means the very last man she… Continue