SALEM, Episode Six

We learn that Mary “still has love in her heart” for John. And according to elder witch Rose, he still loves her. This is apparently not good for the Grand Rite. Rose needs Mary’s heart to be completely devoid of love for the Grand Rite to work, and so she’s taken matters into her own hands. But Mary is one step ahead of her. Last episode, Rose fell through the trap at Alden’s house when she came for the artifact. Now, Alden and Cotton Mather are carrying Rose out to the woods to interrogate her before they kill her – before she can kill them. At the same time, Mary is busy with Mercy. She’s brought her to her home, let her dress up in beautiful clothes, and seems to be taking her under her… Continue

SALEM, Episode Five

This week, John Alden is forced to reckon with his violent past, while Mary must deal with the monster she created in Mercy. We start when the head of the whore house walks into the forest to join a group of one-eyed crones. They have summoned John Hale to tell him that John Alden is distracting their “greatest creation” – Mary. And that Alden has just killed a man named Hook to protect his secret. They task Hale with finding out that secret — one that would alienate Mary — and use it to run Alden out of Salem. He says yeah, the problem is the one person who knew the secret is dead. The witches say there is one among them who knows the dark art of necromancy. He says he’s not sure she… Continue

SALEM, Episode Four

John Alden is at the cemetery visiting the graves of his parents when he runs into Anne Hale. She tells him about her fever dream in which a doll came to life, and that it was so real she even had an image of her father coming in and removing the doll. Then, speak of the devil (yes, pun intended) Hale shows up and ushers his daughter along. Meanwhile, a priest is performing an exorcism on Mercy. He slices open her belly and a snake slithers out. Alden talks to Cotton Mather, telling him that he thinks Anne was the victim of a spell. “Has John Alden finally declared his belief in witches?” Alden replies that he’s seen too much to deny it any longer. They discuss the possibility that Hale is not who he… Continue

SALEM, Episode Three

We open with Anne Hale having an erotic dream in bed with Reverend Cotton, John, and Mary. (Too bad it was just a short dream. It was kind of hot.) In the dream, Mary speaks the line she told Anne in the cemetery that first episode: “Love is to a woman what war is to a man.” (Cue Pat Benatar.) Isaac the Fornicator is wheeling Bridget Bishop’s body to the morgue. Towns people are weeping. Mary stands on the balcony and watches with Tituba. The implication is that more people are crying over her death than rejoicing that a witch has been killed. “Spectacle is fuel for our fire,” says Mary. Men loot the orphanage that Bridget had presided over, and John Alden bursts in with a gun to save the day for Anne. She… Continue

SALEM, Episode Two

For the uninitiated, SALEM takes the historical fact of the Salem witch trials, and throws a twist into it: Witches were, in fact, real. The killing of innocent Puritans was a result of the witches turning the townspeople on one another, fanning the flames of witch hysteria, until Salem is left to the witches. We open with preacher Cotton Mather, distraught, reading over old texts, trying to figure out what is going on. He wonders, “Is this the price of building heaven on earth?” He prays for guidance, for a sign. Meanwhile, Isaac the Fornicator (the man who was in the stocks when the last episode opened) is hauling dead bodies to an open grave. Cotton is busy with the redheaded prostitute when John barges in and attacks him for killing Mr. Cory. But John… Continue

SALEM, Series Premiere Recap

As hard as I tried to get into American Horror Story, I was never able to enjoy it. I liked the supernatural part of it, but it lacked the one element that hooks me into a show: a central love story. Not so with Salem. Within the first five minutes, we meet the star-crossed lovers: our hero, John Alden and the raven-haired, luminous town beauty, Mary. It’s 1685 in Salem, Massachusetts. John’s father was the first settler in Salem, and from the way John is acting, his father would not be happy with the violently harsh, punitive society that has evolved. We open with a couple in stocks in the town square, being whipped and branded for “fornication.” The leader of this spectacle is a stout, white-haired angry preacher man named George Sibley. … Continue

Weekend Viewing: SALEM

If you’re a fan of American Horror Story or Sleepy Hollow, you’ll be excited for what’s brewing on WGN network this weekend. A new witch show, SALEM, premiers Sunday night at 10PM. From what I can tell from this preview, they aren’t holding anything back. Set in 1692, this show asks, “What could be worse than a witch hunt?” The answer, or course, is “A witch!” Yes, “Witches are real — and they are in Salem.” Check out this trailer.  (Warning: Adult content/graphic imagery.)

Sneak Peak: Salem Trailer

There’s something brewing — in case you hadn’t noticed.  Witches are back! In addition to American Horror Story: Coven and The Witches of East End, starting April 20th we get  Salem (WGN network). After watching this trailer, I can barely wait.