I have to admit, I loved this book. I stayed up overnight to finish it in one sitting because I just couldn’t put it down. Yes, it is syrupy sweet, but there was just something about this second chance romance that resonated with me. The characters were real, down to earth, and so completely relatable that I fell in love.
Kiss Your Mate Feature

Guess What Day it Is? Kiss Your Mate Day – So This is How You Do It

Honestly – it would be terrible if we didn’t offer up some instruction to this special holiday — not that we all don’t know how to kiss – but it’s fun to see how the Hollywood ‘experts’ do it – – – – –
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Remember Friends? Ross & Rachel had it down! 
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And really, Rhett did not really give a damn. 
I’m not sure who these people are but they seem to have the swing of it. 
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1933: Grace Bradley prepares to kiss a reluctant Charles Farrell (1901-1988) 
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Selena Gomez Humiliated for Kissing Justin Bieber On Camera  That should do it – a few visual tips from newbies to classic. Now go kiss your Continue
Lauren Layne

Winners Announced!! _ When Story-Tropes Collide: Best-Friends-To-Lovers Meets Brother’s-Best-Friend + Giveaway

When I first set out to write Just One Night, I figured it would be the easiest of the Stiletto series to get on paper. For starters, it’s the third book in a series, so I had plenty of time to get to know my characters while writing the first two stories. I also was thinking it would be easier because it was a friends-to-lovers story. I thought that since Riley and Sam had known each other for a decade, I’d be able to skip their “getting to know you” phase and get straight to the good stuff. But I was only partially correct. While it’s true that the Stiletto girls were pretty much having full conversations in my head by the time I sat down to write Riley’s story, when it came to… Continue

5 Ways to Surprise Your Man!

Photo Credit: Shutterstock When people say they don’t like surprises, it usually means they don’t like being embarrassed in front of a group. One-on-one surprises, however, especially from a lover, are not only appreciated but often just the thing needed to reignite the spark. Whether your man is a fan of spontaneity or someone who likes to be in control, these gestures will make his day (or night).   1. Answer the Door in Something Not Suitable for Work: It could be last year’s Halloween costume (unless you dressed up as Big Bird), a silk negligée, or an old dress that still fits but it’s a little on the short side. Whatever is it, let it be something you feel sexy in—as opposed to something you’re “supposed” to feel sexy in. You feeling confident and… Continue

Ruthie’s Reality: On First Impressions and Sex in Hammocks + Giveaway

  Ruthie’s Reality: On First Impressions and Sex in Hammocks Welcome back to my reality, everyone! The status of my reality is Unknown, since I woke up and wandered out to the living room to find a blanket and what is obviously a puke bowl (empty, but strategically positioned just in case) next to one chair. I don’t know who’s sick or how sick, because the rest of the household is asleep, but it doesn’t look good.

Snippet – Love the One You’re With by Lauren Layne – Grace’s story, Chapter One, #FREE

Chapter One (Grace’s Story) In hindsight, she should have taken the subway. But today was the launch of the new and improved Grace. Or Grace 2.0, as she’d begun thinking of her improved self. And Grace 2.0’s shoe choice really wasn’t suited for the New York subway system. Between the grates and the stairs and the roaches, Grace Brighton’s four-inch Jimmy Choos would be lucky to even make it to the office. And that whole wear-comfy-shoes-now-and-change-later just wasn’t Grace 1.0 or 2.0’s MO. Then of course, there was the hassle of rush hour to contend with, not to mention . . . Oh, who was she kidding? The Brightons of Scarsdale, New York, didn’t do subways. In fact, Grace’s mother would probably faint if she knew her only daughter was about to slide her pencil-skirted… Continue

#NewRelease – AFTER THE KISS by Lauren Layne

In the first book of a delightful new series from Lauren Layne, the star columnist of Stiletto magazine will do anything for a story. Anything . . . except fall in love. “Packed with loads sizzle and snickerlicious fun, Lauren Layne’s AFTER THE KISS is a knock-your-stilettos-off, total page-turning treat that had me fan-girling up within the first chapter. Absolutely loved this read!”~Mira Lyn Kelly, USA Today bestselling author

Guest Post by Shiloh Walker – Stolen . . . . 5 copy Giveaway!

Those intense, hypnotic eyes held hers. Her heart kicked up a few beats, stealing her breath away. As he started to dip his head, Shay stood there, frozen. What now…

His mouth, so warm, brushed against hers. She gasped and then almost wished she hadn’t as he used that opportunity to tease the inside of her lips with his tongue, moving deeper and deeper. His hands came around her waist, tugging her closer.
This is a bad idea… The warning was already screaming in her head. She couldn’t give him what he needed. And he couldn’t accept what she had to give. They would just hurt each other again—

Guest Post: Barbara Freethy – If you had three wishes …

What would you wish for? This past year I’ve been writing a contemporary romance series based on the theme of wishes. In researching my theme, I discovered that there are many ways and means by which we make wishes. We wish on the first star of the night and also falling stars, while blowing out birthday candles, pulling apart a wish bone, going through tunnels, traveling over bridges, throwing coins in a fountain, blowing away the seeds of a flower, finding a lost eyelash, discovering old bottles on the beach that might have belonged to a genie, and we can even earn a wish by telling someone that the clasp on their necklace is showing.

Romance Post from Sharon Cullen, Ahoy, matey ???? + Giveaway!

My debut book with Loveswept is a romance all about pirates. Why pirates, you ask? Because I’m a Pisces, born to the water, loving anything that has anything to do with the water. Two years ago I told my husband that when we retire, I’m starting a catamaran business in St. Maarten so I can be on the ocean every single day. How fun would that be? The ocean breeze through your hair, the clear blue water beneath your feet. If I think hard enough, I can take myself back to that place.

Ahem. Where were we? Pirates. Right.
So for me, pirates are the bad boys of the sea—mysterious, tough, a little crazy to spit in the face of Mother Nature. In other words, a perfect hero—or in my case, the perfect heroine. Except… Continue

Fifty Shades of Grey – what do you recommend to read next?

Here it is! The book that is taking the Romance world by storm!!! So, what do you recommend to readers that have ventured into the romance genre with 50 Shades of Grey . . . . it’s like eating Godiva first and a Hershey bar after . . . everything else is not going to deliver the same level of satisfaction, you know what I mean? A reader asked me this question just the other day, and I came up with a few authors whose stories reached that level of steam: Robin Schone; Bertrice Small; Lora Leigh; and a few others but then I started blanking out — I could not come up with other steamy stories . . . HELP So help me help others — together let’s come up with some other titles Continue

Samantha Kane – why she writes about, S-E-X + Giveaway!

S-E-X, by Samantha Kanelook for her upcoming original historical romance in our Loveswept line, THE DEVIL’S THIEF – on sale later this Fall – recent CAPA Award Winner from The Romance Studio for Best Historical Romance, BROTHERS IN ARMS – congrats Samantha! I like to write sex. I like to read it, too. Not just the down and dirty kind, but everything about the marvelous, glorious madness of sex. I love first kisses, the accidental brushing of a hand, the moment the hero or heroine realizes there’s a distinct possibility they are going to want to get naked with this person in the near future. I love sexual tension, sexy dialog, a romp in the hay, and even bad sex. Because when the hero and heroine have sex for the first time and… Continue