Tracy WOlff

Kinky Book Klub 5 Star Review = Shredded by Tracy Wolff, on sale now

Book Review: Shredded (Extreme Risk #1) by Tracy Wolff Shredded – I had a lot of different endings in my head whilst I was reading this book, none of them came anywhere close. Bloody hell, talk about coming out of left field. Z is the stereotypical bad boy, love me and leave me, a different woman every night, and more often than not he can’t even remember their names. For most of the book his past is just hinted at, whatever it was has left him deeply broken and with a bit of a death wish, it makes him fearless, or reckless, depending on how you look at it. Ophelia is fragile, her past is much more recent, and she’s feeling a lot of guilt as well. The worst thing she could do is get… Continue