April in Paris

So, I’ve been living in Paris for about seven months now, and I thought I had more or less gotten used to being here, but then something happened. Flowers started to bloom at the tail end of February. Then the grass got greener. All the rain we get here suddenly started to seem like a good thing because we could finally see some immediate results. Then, leaves started to come out on the trees. It’s SPRING! The Louvre Before moving here, my husband and I had been going back and forth between Paris and DC twice a year for a few years, but neither of us had ever been here in April before. April in Paris. The phrase rings all kinds of bells. There’s a song. There’s a movie. There’s a general feeling that, as… Continue

Authors thoughts on Spring, enjoy! + Giveaway!

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Nicole Jordan – I think bears have the right idea about hibernating through the winter months. Because I’m so cold-natured, spring has always been my favorite season. I love the warmth. And I adore the scents of fresh grass and flowers and the lovely colors of trees and plants in bloom. It’s also much more fun to ride and jump my horse when we’re not battling snowfall and freezing temperatures! Spring is also an ideal time for romance. Many of my Regency historicals take place during springtime to coincide with a typical London Season, just as the countryside started its yearly warming trend. My latest novel, Legendary Lovers Book 1, PRINCESS CHARMING, has a Cinderella theme and opens in May. And my current romance-in-progress, LOVER BE Continue