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Starting Over: Julie Cross Talks New Beginnings

New beginnings. As in starting over. New job, new school, new relationship, new home or  new town…no matter what type of new beginning you’re about to experience, the change can feel both overwhelming and exciting. On one hand, you’re back at the ground level and have to rebuild. And on the other hand, you have the opportunity to reinvent yourself, choose a new path, or make a change based on what you’ve learned in past experiences. This is exactly what Isabel Jenkins, the main character in my New Adult debut novel Third Degree, does. Izzy is a former child prodigy, went to college at twelve years old, medical school at sixteen and is on her way to being a surgeon. That is until she gets hit with some very bad news—she’s flunked the emotional readiness… Continue
Then and Always

Starting Over: Excerpt of THEN AND ALWAYS

To celebrate the start of spring, we’ll be featuring a series of posts all about making a fresh start. This post is an excerpt of THEN AND ALWAYS by Dani Atkins, a novel about getting a second chance at life.  My first life ended at 10:37 P.M. on a rainy December night, on a deserted street beside the old church. My second life began some thirty- six hours later, when I woke up to the acrid aroma of a hospital ward, with a large head wound and a life about which I had absolutely no recollection. I was surrounded by friends and family, and that should have made it better. But it didn’t, as one of them had been dead for a considerable period of time. I wanted to write down everything that had happened, Continue

Starting Over: Virna DePaul on Moving Forward

Keep On Keeping On… One of the things I love most about romance is the fact characters “transition” throughout the story.  They start off in their ordinary worlds, rarely aware that because of their flawed beliefs, something has to change in order for them to be truly happy. The greatest challenge for a romance writer is delivering the expected HEA (happy ever after) at the end of the story while at various points in the story making the reader fear it might not actually happen.  In other words, we make our characters work very hard to deserve true love.  They are tested time and again—whether it’s by having to solve a crime, dealing with a family crisis, or, as in my latest release, being turned into something less (or more) than human.  The tests or… Continue

Starting Over: Debbie Macomber on Life’s Rough Patches

To celebrate the start of spring, we’ll be featuring a series of posts all about making a fresh start. Our first feature comes from “the queen of women’s fiction” herself, Debbie Macomber. Enjoy.
In Starting Now you’ll meet Libby Morgan, who is becoming reacquainted with knitting after being laid off from a high-pressure job at a law firm. My husband Wayne and I are familiar with what it is like to go through a long stretch of unemployment, and to have to start over again from scratch. The year our daughter Jenny Adele was born, Wayne, who worked as a construction electrician, was out of work nearly nine months.

Instead of feeling sorry for himself, he made good use of the time and took classes at the community college while I cared for our older … Continue