Ruthie’s Reality: Interview with Elise Sax + Giveaway!

Welcome back to Ruthie’s Reality, chickens! Today author Elise Sax agreed to chat with me about her debut novel, An Affair To Dismember, which releases on January 29. If you like Janet Evanovich or are generally a fan of first-person heroines who struggle to keep their act together but nonetheless manage to attract the attention of various hunky men–and let’s face it, the appeal of this particular scenario is difficult to resist–you’ll want to check out this book. Welcome, Elise! Okay, let’s start off with a tough question: the heroine of your Matchmaker Series, Gladie Burger, has been compared to Stephanie Plum — but I can’t help but note the similarities between hapless, disorganized Gladie and the official Elise Sax author photo. (Also, the presence of ice cream and Cheez Puffs.) Care to comment? I … Continued

New Release – Notorious Nineteen by Janet Evanovich

NOTORIOUS NINETEEN by Janet Evanovich From #1 New York Times bestselling author JANET EVANOVICH comes Notorious Nineteen Whether Bounty Hunter Stephanie Plum is tracking down a con man or working side-by-side with the two hottest men in town she must remember no guts…no glory!

Trailer for “One for the Money”

Some of you may remember Janet Evanovich from her romance-writing days. Well, the love triangles in the Stephanie Plum series are still red-hot, and now there’s a movie adaptation coming! Check out new trailer for “One for the Money”! What do you think about the casting choices for studs Morelli and Ranger? What’s your favorite line in the trailer? Tell us here! Don’t forget to check out Janet Evanovich’s latest installment, “Explosive Eighteen,” on sale in November!