Top 10 Ways to De-Stress Your Holiday Season, by Alyssa Day & giveaway!

Alyssa shares her de-stress techniques with R@R today of which #4 looks like a favorite to me, what about you? 1. Explain to your little boy dog that a Christmas tree is not, in fact, INDOOR PLUMBING!!! 2. Take several rolls of refrigerator cookie dough to the neighborhood cookie exchange. 3. When you clean house before holiday guests arrive, throw all unsightly clutter in your kids’ closets and pretend you don’t know how it got there. 4. Two words: Spiced Rum.

Got Stress? You Might Be A Romance Writer If…

Author Virna DePaul gives readers insight into the actual writing of the story and the physical impact it can have on the writer too – remember, every week 5 randomly chosen commenters win a FREE book – winners announced on Sunday – good luck! I used to imagine the ideal writer’s life this way: think Colin Firth in the movie Love Actually. Lush countryside. Beautiful Italian villa. Tons of peace and quiet. The reality is, of course, something different. Stress is a part of it, but I try to remember that’s not always a bad thing.