On sale today! New from Molly O’Keefe and J. K. Beck, and a long-awaited sequel from Elizabeth Elliott

Here’s what’s on sale this Tuesday from Random House Romance. Can’t Buy Me Love by Molly O’Keefe
For fans of: Rachel Gibson and Susan Mallery
Tara Jean Sweet knows who she is—white trash, through and through—and she also knows she’ll never let any man steal her heart. So when elderly Lyle Baker takes her under his wing, giving her a stake in his leather business, she agrees to help the dying man out by playing the part of his fiance. He’s putting on the act in an effort to drive his grown-up children back to his ranch in Texas; he knows they want his fortune and won’t let him marry the buxom blonde. His plan works, and soon Luc, a ridiculously handsome hockey star, shows up along with his half-sister Victoria. When Luc and Tara… Continue

Contemporary Romance Author Molly O’Keefe on Why Athletes Make Great Heroes

Molly O’Keefe’s highly anticipated contemporary romance, Can’t Buy Me Love (on sale June 26), centers in part around an ice hockey superstar named Luc who is sidelined by injuries. This got us thinking on the je-ne-sais-quoi of athletes in romance novels—whether they’re exceptionally fit Scottish warriors or studly professional basketball players, something about these men spurs great plots and sends readers into pining fan-girl territory. What is it, exactly? Molly O’Keefe is here to weigh in! Be sure to enter to win one of 15 advance copies of her new novel below. I thought about this blog while drooling over Jaci Burton’s amazing, sexy, sexy covers. Those covers say it all, don’t they? Athletes make good heroes because they are hot! But the more I thought about it, obviously, the reason they make… Continue