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Like most writers, I was a reader first and as a kid I used to read voraciously. These days, with life getting so busy, I don’t have as much time to read as I used to. However, one of life’s great joys is having a huge TBR pile and a new year means a whole lot more books to add to it. Hooray!

So Many Books, So Little Time

I have books by my top three authors gathering dust on my bed side table.  I so hate that! It used to be that I would average at least one book every two days.  The books were fiction, non-fiction, biographies, histories, and more. I also love to read good romance (of course!).  I look forward to new releases from Linda Warren, Rae Ann Thayne, and more. Now that I am very much into my writing and getting two books edited for my publishers, I have very little time to read for enjoyment or leisure…thus the books are still on the table waiting for me. Patricia Cornwall’s two books, Dust and Bone Bed, plus John Sanford’s Silken Prey are awaiting my attention.  I am falling behind as they have new books out or coming out… Continue
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Author Chat: TBR List and Giveaway

Kristina Mathews, author of the More Than a Game series, talks to us about what’s on her TBR (to be read) pile.  I don’t remember not knowing how to read. My mom tells stories of how I would impress friends and family by reading my favorite book at age three. I probably had it memorized, but it was a step toward learning how to read. And once I started school, I often had my own reading group, because I was a grade-level or two above the rest of the class. I am still a voracious reader. I read for pleasure almost every night. I read the seventh Harry Potter book in two days. It usually takes me less than a week to read a book. So, books don’t stay on my TBR pile very long.… Continue

What to Read in January

New year, great new novels.  Here are the top five on my TBR: 1. Sweet Southern Betrayal by Robin Covington (Entangled, January 13) With a title like this, who can resist? An ambitious, privileged attorney finds his perfect life suddenly derailed by an alluring – and dangerous – Vegas showgirl. What happens in Vegas…usually makes for great reading. 2. Control by Charlotte Stein (Sourcebooks, January 7) The story of an erotic book shop owner who gets more than she bargains for when she searches for an assistant.  First published in the U.K., it finally lands on our shores this week. 3. What Nora Knew by Linda Yellin  (Gallery, January 21) The “Nora” in the title doesn’t refer to the lead character, but instead to the late great Nora Ephron, Queen of the romantic comedy. I… Continue

Romance Reader – Stacey, ‘Oooh! Look What I Found!’ + Giveaway!

Gems from myTo- Be-Read Pile
By Stacey Agdern, blogger, bookseller, reader extraordinaire
Five books. Two anthologies. Two paranormal romances. One contemporary. One Amish romance. One historical. What do they have in common? Nothing really, except that they’re all gems from my ‘to-be- read’ pile. We’re in the midst of a season that in it’s own way, places great importance on finding the hidden. From the importance of the Passover Afikoman, to the fun of Easter eggs and the beauty of the first crocuses, Spring is all about taking joy in what we find. So too with a ‘to-be- read ‘pile. The great desire for spring cleaning coincides with the realization that your ‘to-be-read’ pile is, in reality, too big. And so you begin your search for the hidden., the gems without which your book… Continue