#HunkDay: Hunksgiving

"We've renamed the Wednesday before Thanksgiving Hunksgiving to give thanks to those hotties who help us whip up Thanksgiving dinner (we're winking at you, dutiful husbands and boyfriends). So enjoy a little eye candy before you start the dinner preparations! And best of luck with the turkey :)"

Happy Thanksgiving from Maggie McGinnis

I’m Thankful For … Ribs? Tis the season of thankfulness, and like most parents, I do my level best to make sure that spirit doesn’t get lost in the flurry of Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays and Techno-Thursdays and the seventeen pounds of toy catalogs in the mailbox. I have to admit, though, that my kiddos beat me to the punch last week when they asked me to cut out a bunch of hearts so they could decorate the windows for Thanksgiving.

A Feast of Thanksgiving on the Wagon Trail ~ author, Mona Hodgson

Granted, the Boone’s Lick Wagon Train Company had every intention of wrapping their journey long before our traditional Thanksgiving Supper in November. But every illness overcome and every broken wagon wheel repaired, every raging river forded and every mile walked that took them closer to their westerly destination no doubt filled the overlanders’ hearts with thanksgiving. Gratitude calls for a feast. And that thought begs the question: How would a Thanksgiving feast on the Oregon Trail in the 1860s, the setting for my inspirational historical romance, PRAIRIE SONG (WaterBrook Press Trade Paperback), differ from yours and mine today?

Thanksgiving Thoughts

I’ve been thinking a lot about Thanksgiving. Like with many of us, my holidays have changed over the years, have gone from platters heaped with too much food and houses heaped with never-too-many people, to quiet times, like walking in splendid solitude on South Beach at Martha’s Vineyard. No matter how I’ve spent Thanksgiving, I have always tried to remember to reflect on those people in my life for whom I am forever grateful. There are the expected names: Mom, Dad, of course, and Aunt Lois. Then there are the names that might seem totally obscure – names like Dee Ufferman. In the spirit of full disclosure, I’ve never met the woman.

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Yours to Keep Thanksgiving Tour – featuring Serena Bell + Giveaway!

Only four more days till Thanksgiving. And we all know what that means. The helter-skelter, full-tilt rush to Christmas. It’s a short interval this year—Thanksgiving is late, so Christmas is “early.” Sometimes it’s hard to hang on to the spirit of the season through all the madness. Over time, I’ve learned that the trick to enjoying the holiday season is finding ways to tap back into that spirit. I embrace holiday concerts, holiday-themed plays and musicals, living nativities, lessons and carols celebrations, and holiday anthologies—any event or piece of music or story that makes me stop and think about why I’m doing all this.

Recipe of the Week: Cranberry Sauce

Happy Thanksgiving! To celebrate the holiday, this week’s recipe is coming a day early, to help you prepare for tomorrow’s big dinner! Taken from Sam Sifton’s book, appropriately entitled THANKSGIVING: How to Cook it Well, the following recipe for cranberry sauce is sure to beat that gelatinous cylinder you were planning to scoop from the can! Basic Cranberry Sauce
Cranberry sauce should be sweet but not cloying, and tart without causing pucker and anguish. It should have a jelly-like quality, but should owe more to the appearance of jam. The key element to making cranberry sauce is to understand that cranberries are high in pectin, a carbohydrate that exists in many fruits and which is released by the berries when they are heated and the cells of the fruit break down. In the presence of Continue

Guest Post: A Skunky Thanksgiving by Elisabeth Barrett + Giveaway

Thanksgiving is almost here! Instead of flying to the East Coast, like we usually do, we’ll be celebrating at home in Northern California. In past years, we took the kids back east for two weeks each Thanksgiving and made sure to spend plenty of time with friends and family members in the area. Unfortunately, our oldest recently started kindergarten and now we have to follow school vacation schedules which include no school Wednesday through Friday only. It would certainly be possible to take a 6am flight on Wednesday and return on a 3pm flight on Sunday, but travelling cross-country with three kids aged five and under on the busiest travel days of the year wouldn’t be cheap or pleasant.

Winners Announced!! Happy Thanksgiving, from a soldier’s POV & our Giveaway!


Happy Thanksgiving – From Jessica Scott, author of Loveswept’s New Release, BECAUSE OF YOU
Thanksgiving is the time of year where we all kind of take a moment to gather with family and friends and take time to really think about what you’re thankful for in your life. In 2009, I spent Thanksgiving in Iraq and I really got to think about what I was thankful for. If you’re interested, you can read that Thanksgiving day post here. Anyway, being home and having not deployed for a while, sometimes, you get a little further removed from the little things in daily life that make a huge difference. Something as little as having a real toilet can really turn a day around, you know? And I distinctly remember getting to… Continue