THE AMERICANS: Season 3, Episode 5

Scandal is here with her weekly recap of THE AMERICANS. This week, it seems spy life is finally catching up with Philip. "As much as I love how strong Elizabeth is, I think Philip and his seemingly insurmountable struggles, is my favorite character. That poor man breaks my heart."

THE AMERICANS: Season 3, Episode 4

Last night’s episode was titled “Dimebag,” thought a more apt title would have been “Young Recruits.” Elizabeth and Philip are closing in on the CIA leader’s daughter, the babysitter with a penchant for older men, from the last episode. Her name is Kimberly -- Kimmie if she likes you. She is a young college freshman with a hankering for cheap pot and fake IDs -- two things Jim…I mean Philip, can definitely provide for her...

THE AMERICANS: Season 3, Ep 3

This show just keeps getting better and better. Not in an “in your face” way but in a subtle, can’t look away kinda way...

THE AMERICANS: Season 3, Episode 2

So, how does one handle the problem of a naked, dead spy? Well, if you’re Phillip, you call your wife, she brings a big suitcase and the two of you systematically, without words or direction, bend, break and contort the dead body until she fits snuggly in said suitcase. It was awesome...

THE AMERICANS, Season 3, Episode 1

The Americans is one of those shows that’s been on my radar since it started two seasons ago. When I was asked to recap it, I was more than excited for a reason to binge-watch so I could catch up. Thank you Romance@Random for giving me this new obsession! To kick off season three, The Americans dives right in with a healthy dose of tension between Elizabeth and Phillip.

#TVlove – The Americans, Season Two Trailer

My biggest viewing regret of last season was not watching The Americans. Now I have to wait for it to finally come out on DVD, and will be cramming in anticipation of the season two premiere on FX February 27th.  What peaked my interest? The buzz is part of it. And I do love Keri Russell ever since her Felicity days. But I have to admit, reading the rumors about her real-life romance with co-star Mathew Rhys makes this a must-watch for me. Will you be tuning in?Continue