DIVERGENT Review: Theo James is beautiful & Girl Power to the MAX

Editor’s note: Spoilers (and the abnormally beautiful Theo James) ahead! Read at your own risk. A week ago today, the young adult phenomenon DIVERGENT–the big screen adaptation of the first book in Veronica Roth’s wildly popular series–was released in theaters. And as an avid reader of all things YA and anything with an even remotely feminist undercurrent, I was there on opening night. If you haven’t read the book, you should go read it right now. But to save us both some time, here are the basics. In this world, the entire population is split into Factions: Abnegation (the selfless) Candor (the honest) Erudite (the intelligent) Amity (the peaceful) and Dauntless (the BADASSES! AKA the fearless) Tris, our heroine (played by the lovely and extremely talented Shailene Woodley), was born into Abnegation, and… Continue