TRUE TORI, Episode Five

There is a new wrinkle in the saga of Dean’s infidelity: He has been invited back to Canada – the scene of the “crime” – to host a second season of Chopped. Tori is in a bad position. If she lets him go, she will worry he will cheat on her again, and even if she doesn’t she will resent being left alone with the kids at the same time when her new ABC Family comedy, Mystery Girls, begins filming. If she forbids him to go, he will resent her. It is a classic lose-lose situation. The stress gets to her, and she ends up hospitalized for over a week with stomach pains and migraines. Dean is very attentive to her, and also gets a taste for what it’s like to be home alone caring … Continued

Reality Romance: TRUE TORI, Episode Three

TRUE TORI was excruciating this week. I barely know where to begin. First, they had another therapy session with Dr. Wexler. Tori told Dean that she knew he always had the expectation that their sex life would stay the same as it had been at the beginning – sex multiple times a day, every day. But now they have four kids and work, and it’s just not realistic. “Yeah, but sometimes we go two weeks. Sometimes three. Once we even stretched it to a month,” Dean says. Tori looks at Dr. Wexler like, can you believe this guy? Dr. Wexler tells him that his expectations of married sex life is “a fairy tale.” (Yeah, if by “fairy tale” she means Cinemax late night). Tori cries, and tells him that his affair made her feel ugly, … Continued

TRUE TORI, Episode Two Recap

Watching TRUE TORI is a litmus test for married couples. Who’s the bad guy, who’s at fault, what should the couple do next? I have to confess I’ve had a few disagreements (ahem, fights) with my husband over this reality show romance-on-the-brink. To recap: After seven years of marriage and four kids together, Dean cheated on Tori, and she kicked him out of the house AND as was revealed in a really uncomfortable way this episode, he went into treatment after becoming suicidal. Now he’s ready to come home. But is she ready and willing to take him back? Tori and Dean go to a therapy session with Dr. Wexler, Tori’s therapist whom she has been seeing since she was in her twenties. During the session (Tori sits on one of the couch in a … Continued

Reality Romance: TRUE TORI, Episode 1 Recap

Just before Christmas, US Weekly broke the story that Tori Spelling’s husband (and father of her four children), Dean McDermott, cheated on her with a twenty-something woman while he was away in Canada filming the TV show Chopped. Whatever has happened between the couple since then has been the source of constant tabloid speculation. I will happily admit that I’ve read all of Tori Spelling’s memoirs. All of them, starting with Stori Telling six years ago. Love them. The perfect guilty pleasure. And so yes, I feel invested in Tori and Dean, and their whole domestic set-up. So last night, I gave into another guilty…something. Not sure pleasure is the right word. But I watched TRUE TORI. The show is billed as the following: “In a unique television event, Tori Spelling has made the courageous decision to … Continued