The Jewel in THE ROYALS’ Crown: Eleanor and Jasper

E! television’s new scripted drama THE ROYALS has been called the new Gossip Girl – and for good reason. It has this decade’s Chuck and Blair: the best part of the show by far is the gorgeous, scene-stealing Princess Eleanor and her sexy-as-sin, mysterious bodyguard, Jasper. Let's discuss...

DOWNTON ABBEY, Season 5, Episode5

This week’s episode was filled with some relationships ending, some relationships beginning, and more talk than anyone needed to hear about change.  This was also the episode where literally everyone tells Barrow that he looks like crap. Because Barrow is trying to change his nature by shooting himself up with what is probably apomorphine (a drug used for psychiatric treatment of homosexuality in the early 20th century). Some commentators have suggested that Barrow is shooting heroin; if so, he seems to have skipped the euphoric stage of that drug altogether.  Baxter, who has no reason at all to be kind to Barrow, tries to get him to stop what he’s doing but he’s set on ‘changing his path.’  He even tells her that it’s working. Oh Barrow, I would have more sympathy for you, if… Continue

#HunkDay: Men of Primetime

Get your DVRs ready...today's hunk day theme is "Men of Primetime"...and after looking at these leading men you are definitely going to want to add their shows to your weekly schedule. They play cops and bad guys, men who love witches and men who love drugs and riches, but they're all sexy in their own way.

My Top Five Summer TV Hotties

I’m old enough at forty-five years old to remember when my little sister was my TV remote control (“Hey. I bet you can’t go change the channel really fast.” Sucker) and we had three network channels and PBS.  I also remember when the summer was the absolute lull in TV viewing, with only re-runs and old movies playing every night since the big shows were on hiatus. But now – thanks to the genius humans who created cable TV, DVR’s and DVD’s – I don’t have to drool over the TV Guide and wish for fall to arrive. I have sexy new heroes to bring those summer nights to the boiling point while I wait for my beloved Winchester brothers (Supernatural) to return to me. This is my short-list of the shows… Continue

Weekend Viewing: TRUE BLOOD Season 7 Premiere

With the trailer for True Blood’s seventh season warning us that all humans are at risk, it looks likely that the last ten episodes of the beloved supernatural soap opera are going to wrap up with a very bloody bang.  But before the new episodes begin airing this Sunday, June 22 on HBO (and we begin recapping them here), it’s probably a good time to refresh our memories on where things were left when we were last in Bon Temps. After a long season of vampire and human politics with The Authority creating massive in-fighting amongst the vampires and the Louisiana governor’s office doing its best to eliminate vampires, Sookie’s past and family history became the main focus of the season as she faced a family debt that would force her to marry the… Continue
Written in My Own Heart's Blood_Gabaldon_Feat Image

Outlander Summer: Save the Dates!

Hold on to ye kilts! The eighth Outlander novel, WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD, comes out today. And the release of the novel is just the beginning of the Outlander mania this summer. Following the release, Diana will begin a book tour in many cities around the world to promote the book. Curious if your city is on the list? Find the whole lineup here. And the new TV series adaptation based on OUTLANDER, Diana’s first book, will premiere on August 9 on the Starz cable channel in the U.S.! A new major novel AND a new TV series? Ah, what a great Outlander summer this will be! Read more about Outlander Summer.

Mixology, Episode Three

As the couples-in-the-making circle one another, this show is growing on me. Last week, we saw good girl Liv falling for the super adorable British guy Ron (who originally showed up at the bar as single mom Jessica’s blind date).  Her wedding invites go out tomorrow, but that doesn’t stop her from taking off her ring to indulge in a night of heavy flirtation. This week, Bruce makes his moves on Jessica. At first, he thinks it’s going to be easy: “Single mothers are so, so, easy. They’re tired, they’re horny — all they want to do is knock it out with someone who vaguely resembles a man, and then go home.” But Jessica is having none of it, and cuts him down with withering assessment of him as a guy, “ Who couldn’t get… Continue

Girls, Episode Nine Recap

Hannah is walking down the street eating salad out of a plastic container when she gets a call from her mother that her grandmother is dying. She has to go home. Adam can’t go with her because it’s the first week of rehearsals for the show. She’s like, yeah, I totally get it. But it’s clear she doesn’t feel great about it. He says he misses her when she’s gone even for one night. “Yeah, but you’re going to have fun with all your new theater friends.” He wrestles with her and defuses the tension. Hannah is at the hospital. Her grandmother tells her she has two rods in her leg because of her femur and says, “Can you believe that?” “No,” says Hannah. “You do not look like the two rod type.” Her grandmother… Continue

Girls, Episode 6 Recap

This week, we see that Hannah thinks she’s too special to have to endure a day job, and that Ray and Shosh just might be made for each other. Hannah tells Ray she’s quitting the coffee shop. “I’m so sorry you won’t be gracing us with your presence anymore. And I’ll see you in about a week when you quit whatever bs gig you’re leaving for and come back begging for your old job back.” Hannah: I’m sure it must hurt to see some leave ‘all this,’ but it’s really not a b.s. job. She tells him she has a gig at GQ magazine. He asks her if they need someone for a before picture in a makeover article. She tells him no, it’s a writing job. They saw one of her pieces online and… Continue

Downton Abbey Episode Five Recap

“I’m not unhappy. I’m just not quite ready to be happy.” — Lady Mary Things are heating up. Edith is still anxiously awaiting the mail. Still no word from Michael.  Robert has some sort of correspondence from Cora’s brother, “Uncle Harold,” about his business problems. Anna catches Bates looking deep in thought. She doesn’t want him worrying about her. “Your husband is a brooder,” he tells her. “And brooders brood.” Rose has a surprise planned for Robert’s birthday celebration. Rose tells Mrs. Hughes that she is bringing in a band for that evening’s festivities. Apparently, this is borderline scandalous. Barrow is snooping around looking to uncover secrets, pumping Baxter for information. Cora finds Edith just getting off the phone, in tears. She tells her that “Michael has vanished into thin air.” Cora assures her it’s Continue

Girls, Episode Five Recap

Hannah and Adam are at her editor’s funeral. She is excited to spot Zadie Smith. And then she meets David’s wife. Yes, his wife. A great cameo by Jennifer Westfeldt (Kissing Jessica Stein, Friends with Kids.) At the reception, Adam wants to leave but Hannah declares she is not until she’s “locked eyes with [New York Times book critic] Michiko Kakutani.” She again says hello to David’s wife, and can’t conceal her shock that he was married. To a woman. David’s wife: “You thought he was gay.”” Hannah: No! David’s wife: It’s okay Hannah: No, I thought he was straight. I thought he wanted to sleep with me. David’s wife: A lot of people think he was gay. And…he was. Sometimes. David’s wife lets it slip that that the publisher has dropped all of… Continue
Shirtless Football Dude

#HunkDay Superbowl Edition

Happy #HunkDay everyone! In celebration of Superbowl Sunday we’ve compiled some football hotties. Because the players are the most important part, right? We chose a non-partisan (but not non-sexy) dude for our Romance at Random post, but check out the Loveswept Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest page for hotties like Eric Decker from the Broncos and Russell Wilson from the Seahawks.

Girls, Episode Four Recap

“True or false? When @JuddApatow and I were writing tonight’s @girlsHBO we both cried.” — Lena Dunham on Twitter I’m guessing “false” to the above.  Unless she realized how the ending would come across to viewers. Hannah scurries into her publisher’s office for a meeting with her editor, David (whom we last saw at Hannah’s birthday party, throwing Ray into a table). The receptionist tells her he’s not in yet. “Oh good I thought I was late.”  “You are. He’s just not in yet.” Hannah takes a seat to wait. There is a flurry of activity. Something is going on. Hannah: “Excuse me — I jut wanted to know if it’s safe to be on this floor of the building.” Another employee walks in and the receptionist tells her,  “David is dead.” Cut to Marnie Continue

Downton Abbey, Episode Four Recap

  “If we don’t respect the past we’ll find it harder to build our future.” — Robert Bates is walking from his cottage up to the main house, where he meets up with Anna. Sad music is playing, in case you’ve forgotten that she should be there with him but has instead moved back into the servants’ quarters to avoid him. Anna descends the stairs and he is waiting for her. “I don’t know why you always wait for me.” “Because I want to be the first to greet you.” She tells him there is no need for that and he says there is every need. And he will keep it up until she explains what is going on. Explain what? He tells her that one minute his life is perfect, “And then, in the… Continue

#TVlove – The Americans, Season Two Trailer

My biggest viewing regret of last season was not watching The Americans. Now I have to wait for it to finally come out on DVD, and will be cramming in anticipation of the season two premiere on FX February 27th.  What peaked my interest? The buzz is part of it. And I do love Keri Russell ever since her Felicity days. But I have to admit, reading the rumors about her real-life romance with co-star Mathew Rhys makes this a must-watch for me. Will you be tuning in?

Guest Post – Achieving the HEA by Joan Swan

I recently watched the movie Precinct 13, an edge-of-your seat crime drama, and was reminded of how seemingly insurmountable odds against the good guys could both evoke powerful emotions and compel an audience to keep their eyes glued to the screen, their fingers twisted in the nearest pillow…or sleeve…or hand… If you haven’t seen it and you love drama, Precinct 13 is definitely worth the watch.

Guest Post – Where’s the Romance? by Candace Havens

The day job as a TV Critic means I’ve been full-speed ahead the last few months. I’ve watched all of the pilots, interviewed a majority of the show-runners, actors and writers involved with the series. And I’ve written one story after another about the lack of trends and the eclectic mix that is the fall 2012 season. There’s just one problem: there is no romance on television. At least with the new shows. There are people trying to find love. Such is the case on “The Mindy Project” (Fox, Tuesday, 9:30 p.m.), with the very funny Mindy Kaling. She plays an OB/GYN, who wants to change her life and find Mr. Right. Of course, that is easier said than done. This is definitely one to watch.

They Learned From Remington Steele . . .

Meet author extroidinaire, Cynthia Eden – author of paranormal suspense romance – enjoy! Hello, everyone! It’s a pleasure to be here at Romance At Random today. Lately, I’ve developed a bit of an obsession. I’ve gone old school with the hero in my life—old school 80s…and, of course, that means—Remington Steele. Go ahead, confess. Were you/are you a Remington Steele fan? Pierce Brosnan was amazing as the title character—suave, charming, sophisticated, and, a bit wicked. He was a man of mystery who swept into Laura Holt’s life and changed her world. He appeared to be everything that a hero *should* be.