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Ode to Cupid

Hearts. Flowers. Kisses. Chocolate. Chocolate in the shape of hearts, flowers, and kisses. (Can you tell I’m obsessed with chocolate?) Anyway, all these symbols represent Valentine’s Day. They are wonderful and delicious, but being a historical romance writer, I wonder: what was the icon of love before Valentine’s Day existed?

Start Preparing: 1 Year Until Fifty Shades of Grey

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you’re all having a lovely, romantic day… but if you’re not, never fear, because next year is bound to be better (pun intended!). The movie version of Fifty Shades of Grey is due out next Valentine’s Day and who could ask for a sexier V-Day gift? So what should you be doing to prepare? We’ve got three suggestions: 1. Don’t miss a thing. Follow E.L. James on Twitter and like her on Facebook and get all of her updates. Maybe you’ll get a sneak-peek, maybe she’ll keep it all close to her breast until release day, but if you’re going to find out, she’ll be the one to tell you! You can also follow @FiftyShadesFilm and @FiftySOGfans for fan discussions and updates! 2. Read up on kink. If Fifty Shades… Continue

Valentine’s Day 1920’s Style

If you’re not feeling all lovey-dovey this Valentine’s Day, then read on. Instead of discussing romance and passion, I thought we’d take a look at something that happened on this day 85 years ago, something so unromantic that it will take your mind off flowers and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. What happened all those years ago would forever solidify the link between Chicago and gangsters of the Roaring Twenties. Yes, the event I’m talking about is the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. While conducting research for my novel DOLLFACE I discovered that Chicagoans have a perverse sense of pride where this lineage is concerned. Its legend is woven into the city’s history and people are endlessly fascinated by the bloodshed and what led up to it. So travel back in time with me to the days… Continue

A Bouquet of (Trashed) Roses

This story comes from Gwen H. 
I have two stories. It was our second Valentine’s Day and my darling husband gave a wheelbarrow, granted we were building our house at the time, it wasn’t what I expected, but he said he picked out the blue one because it matched my eyes.  We still have and use the wheelbarrow, but it’s not blue anymore.
My husband is not a flower person, one year he came home with a dozen red, long stemmed roses.  I was so surprised.  After I put the flowers in water, I looked at the box and it was from a florist on the other side of town.  I asked him about and he confessed one of his female co-workers had gotten the roses from her boyfriend and she had thrown then in the trash and my husband asked is she minded if he took … Continue

Cassie Mae’s not-so-bad, not-so-good Valentine’s Day story

This “Best” story comes from Cassie Mae, author of SWITCHED and FRIDAY NIGHT ALIBI.  Last year, I was stuck in the hospital on Valentine’s Day, postpartum and with my sweet NICU baby. Hubby had the other kids already for a week by himself, and he was learning the hard way what it was like to deal with the two devils boys. I got clearance to go out to lunch with him, and he dropped the older two off at Grandma’s and we went to Texas Roadhouse. Both of us were so tired we fell asleep at the table. I literally had a fry halfway to my mouth, and he was drinking out of an empty glass when the waiter woke us up. So we went back to the hospital and slept for as long as… Continue

17 Yellow Roses

This “Best” story comes to us from Sandi A. 
I met my husband of 45 years, in September of 1966.  By Valentine’s Day, I knew that I loved him.  When I got home from work that Valentine’s Day, I saw a vase of beautiful yellow roses waiting for me on the table. Seventeen yellow roses.  Not being much of a romantic (sorry) I couldn’tquite figure out the number.  A dozen maybe, a dozen and a half…but 17?
I even called the florist to see why the extra rose. I never quite
figured it out.   Last year I was away and he sent me a text that said “September 17th, 1966 the happiest day of my life.”  Finally, the light bulb clicked.
To enter your own story and have the chance to win a Valentine’s Dinner from Plated and a box of chocolatey bars from KindContinue
Family Valentine's Day

Plan The Perfect Family Valentine’s Day

Everyone focuses on planning romantic or sexy dates for Valentine’s Day, but what about showing some family love on V-Day? I’ve got a few tips for having a great day with your kiddos and creating some traditions that will make you seem quite the crafty mom (take that, Pinterest geniuses!) and are easy enough to throw together with stuff you’ve already got at home. 1. Red Dinner This has been a tradition in my family’s house for years. Valentine’s Dinner was all red. And every year my mom tried to make it new, which meant getting creative with beets and tomatoes. I think she even tried to make us raisin-kidney bean stew one year. YUCK. Despite that year, we loved the Red Dinner. Some things I would suggest: Strawberry milk, Red Velvet cupcakes, spaghetti and… Continue
Happy Galentine's Day

Galentine’s Day Planning

I know, I know. It’s too early to plan for Valentine’s Day. There are still 3 blissful weeks before hearts and couples take over everywhere. But what I’m proposing is not Valentine’s Day plans, but Galentine’s Day plans. Change one letter and the day takes on a whole new meaning. This holiday is for singles and women with significant others alike—but all the better for a group of single girlfriends. What is it, exactly? Let Leslie Knope explain:   So, technically it’s on the 13th, but I won’t tell anyone if you plan a Galentine’s Day on the 14th. This year, Vday is a Friday, so instead of brunch, I’m suggesting an after-work party with your best friends that has nothing to do with men and everything to do with celebrating those great ladies in… Continue

WINNERS announced! Fools 4 #Love Hop

Here we go again – February is the month of LOVE! Romance at Random would like to give you some . . . books that is! Check out the winnings:
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  • Happy #ValentinesDay from R@R + 20 book Giveaway – Crazy!

    Happy Valentine’s peeps! We’ve asked our authors what is the most favorite gift they’ve given or received on Valentine’s Day – their answers are below – enjoy! For Valentine’s, there is only one way to my heart and that’s with a bouquet of tulips and hockey tickets. My husband always comes through every year, not only with those two things but also with a box of chocolates and a card that reminds me how much he loves me. For him, I always get a box of Whitman’s chocolates because it is his favorite chocolate. For the kids, I get them SpongeBob box of crabby patties and they just love that. This year though, my husband and I are going to Nashville to spend the night and just enjoy each other. Its our 16th Valentine’s dayContinue

    Guest Post: I’m being honest with you—I don’t like Valentine’s Day – by Jennifer Lohmann

    This is a tough post for me to write because—I’m being honest with you—I don’t like Valentine’s Day. Before everyone clutches their heart at a romance author not liking Valentine’s Day, I need to defend myself; I used to hate Valentine’s Day. But this isn’t a Valentine’s Day sucks article. Instead, this is the story of how love makes those things you hate better.

    Cupcake Recipe for your Sweetheart!

    Get a taste of the delicious treats Rachel Thebault covers in her new cookbook, SWEET CHIC. Rachel is the owner of the New York City bake shop Tribeca Treats.Whether you’re a novice baker hoping to master the basics or an experienced one looking to add a little versatility to your existing creations, SWEET CHIC is a clever and practical guide for memorable desserts, a one-sweet-fits-all way to make a tantalizing impression. What about making a few cupcakes for your Valentine? Enjoy!

    QUIZ – answer all of these questions to win – Good Luck!

    Hi everyone — been a long time since we’ve done a Quiz — I was not a great test-taker in school, were you? There were some kids in my class that really knew how to take a test – I over-analyzed the questions — urgh, then would usually answer wrong! Oh well, such is life. Hopefully you all will do better than I me! Ok, here we go — answer these 5 questions correctly & you’ll win all THREE of Stefanie Sloane’s Regency Rogue series — sound like a plan? Here we go — Three lucky randomly chosen winners will win all Three of Stefanie’s books – winners announced on Sunday!
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  • Which is the first book in Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed series?
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  • What is the name of the hero in Suzanne Brockmann’s recent… Continue

    Happy Valentine’s Day from R@R

    Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!! Will you be our Valentine?

    We’re all about fun at Romance at Random — we enjoy hearing from our readers and would love to hear from you today! Straight from Wikipedia - what is Valentine’s Day:
    Saint Valentine’s Day, commonly shortened to Valentine’s Day, is a holiday observed on February 14 honoring one or more early Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine. It was first established by Pope Gelasius I in 496 AD, and was later deleted from the General Roman Calendar of saints in 1969 by Pope Paul VI. The day first became associated with romantic love in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the High Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished. By the 15th century, it had evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love Continue

    Valentine’s Day Around the World + Giveaway!

    Valentine’s Day Around the World
    by Cassandra Carr I know were a week away until Valentine’s Day, but I thought I’d give a little information on the cool rituals associated with Valentine’s Day all over the world. A few years ago I was actually in Hong Kong over Valentine’s Day. One of the colleagues from my hubby’s office invited us to a sort of country club-type place that he belonged to and we had dinner there. The women received flowers upon entering, along with a couple of chocolates, so really, it didn’t seem all that different from how we celebrate here in the United States. That got me to thinking – does the whole world celebrate Valentine’s Day the same way, or do the traditions in Hong Kong skew toward the British/American way of celebrating?… Continue