A HIGHLANDER’S OBSESSION (Highlander’s Beloved #1) By Vonnie Davis

I’ve never hidden the fact that in the realm of paranormal romances, I’m a shifter girl, not a fang banger. In the romance realm, I am also a lover of all things Highlander and let me just interject, what a wonderful time it is to be a lover of the Highlanders! A HIGHLANDER’S OBSESSION is the best of both worlds. Set in modern times, there is a definite throwback feel when exploring the mores of the castle/bed and breakfast inhabitants. In fact, Creighton Matheson is the laird of the land. He’s the first born son in an area that places huge value on first born sons but there is also a curse settled on these fellas, and it never ends well. As I mentioned, this is a shifter book but I am not going to… Continue
Vonnie Davis

Cover Reveal – A Highlander’s Obsession

What can I say? I’m obsessed over this series – delightfully fun with characters you’d like to meet – sexy and cleverly written and who knew I’d have a crush on a bear-shifter? So, whatcha’ think? Love the cover? Happy Romance! Continue