#HunkDay: MMA

Happy Hunk Day, ladies and gents! Today we’ve turned our attention to a new trend in heroes..the MMA fighter. We have to admit that we were also very inspired by the latest in Sidney Halston’s Worth the Fight series: FULL CONTACT. Her story features bad boy fighter Slade Martin, who we couldn’t help falling in love with. Warning: all of the fighters on today’s list may not exactly be MMA fighters, but hey, who are we to discriminate against a ripped, sweaty fighter who prefers boxing to mixed martial arts? We’ve picked five to feature here but there will be more hotties popping up on our Romance at Random Facebook and Twitter and our Loveswept Pinterest page. Do you have a thing for fighters? Who is your favorite MMA fighting hero? 1. Um, hello, perfection, Continue

#HunkDay: Autumnal Hunks

At the start of October, it finally feels like Fall here in NYC. Living in the city we can’t get to a lot of the quintessential fall activities like apple picking, chopping firewood for fires, raking leaves. Since we’re feeling a little left out we’ve gathered up some hunks being their best autumnal selves. What’s your favorite fall activity to do with your own hunk? Tell us in the comments.    1.  It’s finally flannel season again! If there’s one outfit I love on almost all men, it’s a flannel.    2. I already love apple picking…add in this shirtless hottie doing the picking with me and I’m in heaven. Then add in an apple cider donut and wow, I don’t think I would ever leave.    3. So it doesn’t look like he’s exactly Continue

#HunkDay: Morning Coffee

If you haven’t had your morning cup of coffee yet, never fear–we’ve got the steamiest hunks to give you a jolt of energy. Today is #HunkDay: Morning Coffee, because sometimes we all need a side of hottie with our coffee. As a coffee addict, I can’t think of anything better than a long, relaxing morning with any of these hunks! Who’s your favorite of these caffeinated hunks?    1. Just out of the shower, drinking what looks like it might be espresso. Heavenly.      2. Hunk: Dreamy. Coffee: Steamy.      3. The shadows in this picture perfectly highlight those amazing arms, but they don’t do much for showing the abs. Just I’ll have to use my imagination…   4. Obviously I’m pretending this is New York. And that this is what my mornings Continue

#HunkDay: Men of Primetime

Happy #HunkDay! Get your DVRs ready…today’s hunk day theme is “Men of Primetime”…and after looking at these leading men you are definitely going to want to add their shows to your weekly schedule. They play cops and bad guys, men who love witches and men who love drugs and riches, but they’re all sexy in their own way. We’ve picked five to feature here but there will be more hotties popping up on our Romance at Random Facebook and Twitter and our Loveswept Pinterest page. Tell us: who is your favorite man of primetime? Any new TV crushes this fall? 1. Daniel Di Tomassio from Witches of the East End. I propose a petition asking for him to be shirtless in every episode. Who’s with me!?     2. Omari Hardwick aka James St. Patrick Continue
#HunkDay_Friday Night Lights_Feat

#HunkDay: Friday Night Lights

Happy #HunkDay ladies and gents   Football season has begun and for me the excitement has far less to do with the actual sport and far more to do with the prospect of seeing the players getting sweaty on the field–oh, and the beer drinking on Sunday, that’s always a plus! I’ve always been jealous of my girl friends who love the game and the players. Their fall season is chock full of exciting weekends.   To celebrate the season we’ve rounded up some football hotties who know how to throw the pigskin around and look good while doing it!   What type of person are you? Do you love the game? The players? Both? Let us know in the comments! And let us know which of these hunks was your favorite   Follow the… Continue
#HunkDay_Sons of Anarchy_feat

#HunkDay: Sons of Anarchy

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been gearing up for the Sons of Anarchy season premiere for a while now.  And even if you’re nothing like us, you probably can still appreciate a hot man on a motorcycle. We’ve rounded up some of the sexiest dudes we could find (not to mention some of the sexiest bikes we could find) for today’s #HunkDay. Follow the rest of the action on the Romance at Random Facebook and Twitter and our Loveswept Pinterest page.   1. Of course we had to start out with Charlie. I mean, come on.    2. Look at that beautiful church in the back..oh, who am I kidding, we’re all loking at the shirtless guy on the bike!     3. He’s so serious. Who wants to tickle him to see if they can Continue