Talking With Megan Hart: EVERY PART OF YOU

Talking With Megan Hart: EVERY PART OF YOU
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Last week the fifth and final installment of Megan Hart’s super hot, erotic e-serial EVERY PART OF YOU published. I just started reading book number two, Every Part of You: Resists Me (review coming later this week) and I’m hooked. Today, Megan talks with us about her latest e-serial, her favorite book covers, and what we can look forward to next.

LB: Is Every Part of You your first serialized novel? Did you approach the writing differently than writing a stand-alone? Do you prefer writing one way over the other?

 MH: Every Part of You is not actually my first serialized novel. I first experimented with a serialized story in The Resurrected. I don’t actually approach the writing differently, other than how I block out the time and plotting for each piece. Every Part of You is meant to be read in parts, so each part has to have a satisfying story arc and conclusion, and all the parts together have to make that same satisfying arc and conclusion. But the actual writing of serial stories isn’t so different than writing longer pieces. I just try to do the best job I can, for what it is I’m trying to accomplish! I like writing short, I like writing long, I like writing connected stories and stand alones. I’m easy like that.

LB: How and when did you first get published? How many novels have you published?

MH: Oh, gosh. I first got published a million years ago when I submitted some short stories to some magazines, and then I kept doing it and doing it until I sold to some other places and finally I kept selling and in 2005 or so I sold to Harlequin, which started me in a brand new direction! I’ve published something like thirty novels and a bunch of short fiction, too.

LB: You have some really fantastic covers, but my favorite is Tear You Apart. Do you have a favorite?

tear you apart

MH: I love the original cover for Tempted. And Deeper. And Tear You Apart, too.

LB: The first novel I read of yours was Tempted, the story of a married woman who starts having a three-way sexual and emotional relationship with her husband and his best friend. It’s sexy but real, and also just a little bit dark. What inspired that story?

MH: I had an image of a man standing in a doorway looking at his best friend and his best friend’s wife. And it grew from there. Sometimes the inspiration is really so fleeting, there’s nothing to pinpoint it on exactly.

LB: I know you also write horror. Who are your favorite horror novelists?

MH: Stephen King, Robert McCammon, Douglas Clegg, Dean Koontz.

LB: What’s your guilty pleasure?

MH: Well, I don’t often feel guilty for doing things that cause me pleasure, so…hmmm. Can’t really answer that one! ;)

LB: Do you watch TV?

MH: Yes, sometimes, but I don’t have cable so I watch everything on streaming.

LB: What’s coming next after Every Part of You?

MH: I have an erotic novel coming out calling Flying, and then a mainstream release called Lovely Wild. After that, some short fiction – oh and a Cosmo Red Hot Read is in there somewhere…! And another serial. And some more mainstream. And some other stuff!

Note to readers: If you are going to be in New Orleans for the Romantic Times convention next month, I’ll be moderating a panel on erotic e-serials featuring Megan Hart, Beth Kery, Tracy Wolff, and Ruthie Knox on Friday, May 16th at 2:45.

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