That’s What I’m Talking About. . . .+ Giveaway!!!

That’s What I’m Talking About. . . .+ Giveaway!!!
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Hi there! This is Jen, aka Twimom227, from the blog That’s What I’m Talking About.

Today I’m going to talk about reading book series.

Ever since I started reading books, I have adored reading book series. It started with series such as Little House on the Praire and Trixie Belden. As an adult I throughly enjoyed The Harry Potter and the Twilight Series.

After Twilight, I quickly fell into the paranormal romance and urban fantasy genre, and I realized that I was addicted to reading series. It seems that series are the norm for these genres and it works.

I love reading series because there is something reassuring about seeing familiar characters and settings over and over. I have about 20 “auto-read” series I currently follow and am picking up new ones all the time. But I wondered, why are series so popular?

I polled a group of twitter folks about their series-reading habits, reconfirming some things I already knew, but also discovering some new ideas about series.

First of all, each of the ten random folks that agreed to help me are avid book series readers, with the number of “auto-read” series ranging from nine to “a lot.” But it was Lillie who shocked me by telling me she had “at least 40” series on her auto-read list.

I wondered how do folks usually pick up a new series. Many folks responded that they pick up new series based on recommendations – from blogs, twitter, Amazon reviews. Several also take advantage of Amazon’s free books on Kindle. Like me, Rebecca mentioned that she has picked up a series after reading a novella from the series. Others responded that if they already read an author, they will pick up a new series by the same author.

I also asked if any of these women have stopped reading a series. Almost all of the respondents said that they either have stopped or will stop reading a series for the following reasons: repetitive plot lines from book to book, declining overall story arc or quality of subsequent stories, dramatic changes in characters and/or plotlines, and continual abuse of a main character.

So bottom line… What is the attraction to series and why are they so popular? Many respondents wrote it was the ability to follow favorite characters and enjoy preferred settings over time. @RuthieCardello replied “I love seeing a particular scene through another character’s point of view,” which I hadn’t considered before but realized that is true. Several hit upon the emotional attachment to characters, and I feel Kris summed it up wonderfully with “I think what I like most about book series is the sense of journey. As the series builds, the more you learn and, more importantly, become emotionally invested in the characters and their stories.”

I love reading series! And apparently so do lots and lots of other people. What about you – do you read series? What are your favorite must read series? Remember – every week 5 commenters will win a FREE book – winners announced on Sunday – Good Luck!!!

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