That was then, this is now – Romance & it’s changes + Giveaway!

That was then, this is now – Romance & it’s changes + Giveaway!

Alpha Men – Then and Now

I was thinking the other day about romance books, back in the day. Now, please understand that “back in the day” I was way to young to be reading romance. When I got old enough, I started reading anything I could get my hands on. Some of these romance books were my GRANDMAS. Oh yes. They had FABIO on the cover..all blowing hair and bulging biceps. Some woman wearing a long dressing gown draped across his arms looking as if she fainted from his gorgeousness. Seriously?

Twenty years ago books may have had covers that today just wouldn’t fly but I’m not quite so sure that the inner workings of a romance book have changed all that much. We still swoon over men that basically treat the heroine like crap…you know….for her own good. They are mean, scarred and completely, 100% dominate. Underneath though, loving and protective and just waiting for the right woman to come along and steal their heart right out of their chest…stomp on it…and tell them they aren’t taking their crap anymore

Regardless of what some faceless analysts are saying, paranormal romance is still running ahead of the game on the heals of adults looking for Twilight with a bit more….eh….action. Now we not only have vampires but animal shifters. I do love me some shifters. Those men are more animal than human. They like their women strong and able, they take no shit from anyone and the sex….oh the sex…….down, dirty and sweaty. Twenty years ago an animal shifter book probably wouldn’t have gotten far. Today I think women are more open to it…maybe the overt sexuality is more embraced.

While paranormal may reign supreme at the moment the rest of the sub-genres are still actively popular as well. Who doesn’t want the knight in shining armor that romantic suspense may have to offer. In the past the cop, FBI agent, military man may have had to work a bit harder because of the lack of technology but he always got there in time to save his woman.

Historical romance generally has men that have no problem telling their blushing female what they want. Contemporary can offer the erotic tendencies of your next door neighbor. Each one has a place for a man who is willing to risk everything…get beat down and come back fighting.

Alphas will always have a special place with me. A man who can take control and dominate while keeping me completely safe will forever rule my heart. In the end…the strong survive…and those strongest are alphas.

What do you think? Do you enjoy those take charge men?

Thanks for having me today!!

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