It’s the age-old tale of angels versus demons, but forget the usual stuff about their rift because Jeaniene Frost is switching things up in The Beautiful Ashes. Curious? Since I’ve been fortunate enough to snag an ARC, I’m giving you a quick lowdown on Ivy and Adrian’s story. The rest you just have to read for yourself.

Let’s start with the romance: what you’ll find in The Beautiful Ashes is the forbidden sort as Ivy and Adrian’s lineage has been at odds with each other for centuries. Now I wouldn’t necessarily call it insta-love because they said the L-word towards the end but if we are to follow the timeline, Ivy and Adrian did fall for each other sooner rather than later. That said, I didn’t find this story to be driven by the romance, which made it an even better read for me. Frost focuses more on the myth, world-building, and the character development, with the love story taking a back seat for now. Don’t get me wrong: the attraction between these two is intense. But they’re on a mission to save Ivy’s sister, Jasmine, and it’s just logical that their focus stay on her rescue as opposed to getting a quick romp between the sheets. I’m sure that the sequel will be hotter now that the world-building is out of the way.

On to the best part, the mythology! Oh how I love what Frost did here, it’s biblical but it’s not the usual tale. The premise is good v evil but it’s unlike you’ve ever read before. As a teaser, Ivy and Adrian are not nephilims, rather they are descendants of important people and families in the bible that has been at odds with each other for millenia. Also there are certain objects, such as David’s sling and Moses’ staff,  that Ivy and Adrian must procure before it falls in the wrong hands. And we all can agree that there’s nothing like a good chase to keep the characters on their toes and distracted from going emo. I have to say I love what she did here; these are the last things I expected anyone would adapt to their story. I’m glad Frost went out of the box and breathed a new life to these “forgotten” concepts.

The Beautiful Ashes is a solid series intro, with a rich arc and a promising budding romance between the characters.

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THE BEAUTIFUL ASHES by Jeaniene Frost/Harlequin/August 26

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