Natalie Clayton was one of those characters who is difficult to like. She has built a very protective shell around herself, and is often times standoffish with people, making it hard to connect with her.  She is only open and completely herself around her small group of college friends; once you see her in that element, you want her to be like that all the time because she is clearly a very warm, caring person.

Once we got her back-story, it’s understandable why she protects herself.  So when her long ago, two-week teenage romance, Paddy Hurley, walks into her favorite bakery, it’s clear that life as Natalie knows it is going to change…big time.

There wasn’t much I didn’t like about Paddy. He’s hot, sexy, dirty, sweet and cuddly.  Paddy goes after what he wants — and he wants Natalie.  She was a girl who, at eighteen, could keep up with him (both in and out of the bedroom). Now she’s a woman who pushes him away a lot, but someone he has a bone-deep desire to have in his life.  He fights hard to earn her trust and love, but he’s also careless with Natalie by saying things that very easily could break her.  Paddy doesn’t want to admit when he’s done something wrong, but he also knows he can’t live without Natalie.  The steps he takes to fix his relationship with Natalie really prove that she is the best kind of trouble.

If you’re familiar with Dane’s Brown Siblings or Delicious series, you’ll see some familiar characters pop up in this one and tie the three series together.  You don’t need to read the other series in order to read THE BEST KIND OF TROUBLE, but for those who have, it’s always nice to catch up with some old favorites.

Lauren Dane always delivers characters who, for one reason or another, are broken.  They challenge the one trying to win their love, but generally are one kiss away from knocking down their walls to be with the other person.

I anxiously await what lies ahead for the other Hurley brothers, Ezra (BROKEN OPEN) and Vaughn (BACK TO YOU).  Once you meet these Hurley boys, you want nothing more than for all of them to get their happily ever after with a woman who is going keep them honest.


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