THE GIRL IN 6E by A.R. Torre

THE GIRL IN 6E by A.R. Torre

I went into The Girl in 6E completely blind. I didn’t even read the plot summary. As a fan of Alessandra Torre, I’d heard a bit of internet buzz on this book but honestly, had no idea what I was signing up for, I just took a leap of faith and went with it. This book is in large part a dark thriller but there are some coming of age aspects in it —  oh, and it’s also part fetish instruction manual.

Jessica is the screen name Deanna uses to make a living as a “camgirl” now that she’s locked herself away for humanity’s safety. Deanna has murderous urges that she initially feels she can only control by keeping herself away from the general population. She is obsessed with the act of murder. Deanna fantasizes about different ways to slash throats and disembowel her victims. Since we learn early on that her mother murdered her entire family, I don’t feel it’s giving anything away when I explain that Deanna experiences a tight genetic bond to this underlying killing theme. You don’t get to pick your DNA but with a reinforced steel door, some heavy duty locks, the internet and a handsome delivery guy that agrees to leave your packages without a signature, you can at least keep your DNA from slashing up innocent bystanders.

As Jessica, one of the top “camming” girls on the internet, Deanna more than pads her bank account. Apparently there is big money to be made in cybersex, even for the virginal Deanna. That’s one of the things you need to remember when you read this book, Deanna is young, early twenties young, and all alone in the world. During the course of her years “camming,” Jessica befriends an interesting menagerie of clients. Each client offers a different learning experience and a different point of view of the outside world. All walks of life frequent the cybersex “camming” world and Jessica morphs into whatever her client needs to take the edge off for a mere $6.99 a minute.

Needless to say, it takes a lot to creep Jessica out. (She sees and hears things we can barely imagine, hence the instructional manual aspect of this book.) But when RalphMA35 logs on to chat, red flags go off. RalphMA35’s obsession with a young girl named Annie sends Deanna into a tailspin of worry. As things build to a tipping point, Deanna has to figure out how to quiet her demons long enough to save a little girl. The literal and figurative walls Deanna has built up around herself over her three year self imposed isolation, must come down in time to beat the clock ticking off the precious minutes of little Annie’s life.  Who can Deanna trust when she literally can’t trust herself?

I found The Girl in 6E an “unputdownable” book. The suspenseful journey of self discovery coupled with the tension of the chase left me on the edge of my seat with my hand over my mouth and my heart in my throat.  Deanna’s inner dialogue that helps you not only put the pieces of her puzzle together but helps solve the mystery of Annie and RalphMA35 will leave you exhausted. Toss in some talented cyber friends and a sexy delivery guy that can handle the crazies and you have yourself a very interesting, albeit dark, read.

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THE GIRL IN 6E by A.R. Torre/Hachette/July 17

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