The Heroes of Star Harbor – guest post from Elisabeth Barrett

The Heroes of Star Harbor – guest post from Elisabeth Barrett
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Last month, I attended my first ever Romance Writers of America (RWA) conference and had a wonderful time! I was thrilled to be there…to meet so many amazing people (including my fellow Loveswept authors), and to learn more about this incredible industry. But I was so glad to come home because I wanted to plunge headfirst into the next two Star Harbor novels, Long Simmering Spring and Slow Summer Burn, both of which are due out in 2013. These stories have been wickedly fun to write because I love both books’ heroes so very much!

The Star Harbor series is set on Cape Cod and follows the lives of the four Grayson brothers – Val, Cole, and twins Seb and Theo. Seb and Theo are the respective heroes of Deep Autumn Heat (out now) and Blaze of Winter (out September 10). Seb is definitely the most arrogant of the bunch – he’s a celebrity chef (with the attitude to match), but he is Hot with a capital H. Author Theo is more soft-spoken, but he has a backbone of steel. I’ll tell you more about Theo as release day approaches. I loved writing these books back-to-back because despite being twins, Seb and Theo are very different men. It was really fun to play up the yin/yang aspect of the brothers’ personalities.

But let’s get back to the heroes who are forefront in my mind right now, shall we? elisabeth barrett
Elisabeth Barrett#1

Long Simmering Spring
is Cole’s story, and boy, do I love Cole. He was quite the hellraiser back in the day, and he’s spent his whole life trying to atone for his past behavior. Knowing he was veering out of control, he left town and joined the Army. After leaving the military, he went to college and then served in Boston’s police department before becoming Star Harbor’s sheriff. But Star Harbor is small and peoples’ memories are long. Back in town, Cole’s past literally stares him in the face every single day. This is especially true since he has eyes for good girl (and local doctor) Julie Kensington, who knows exactly what he was like in high school…and does her best to steer clear. And why wouldn’t she? He’s covered with tattoos and rippling muscles, and his burn-you-up-from-the-inside smile is nothing but trouble. Yet this tough guy has a heart of gold, and he’s completely different from the boy Julie knew. It takes a strong, generous woman like Julie to help Cole overcome his past, and enable him to face the future.

elisabeth barrettVal is the hero of Slow Summer Burn, and I’ve been waiting a long time to write his story. He’s spent his entire life focusing on his family, and on his own work. The oldest, wisest Grayson, he doesn’t mind giving his brothers advice, but this fairly taciturn man has always played his own cards close to his chest. Now, this tall, dark and dangerous DEA agent is finally able to focus on himself. When local antique store owner Cameron Stahl gets into his line of sight, he can’t stay away. Unfortunately, Cam’s parents would much rather she date someone from her own social sphere. Still, there’s something about this quiet, calm, sexy-as-sin man that calls to her. And it’s not long before she realizes that Val is someone for whom it’s worth it to risk it all.

So….which Grayson brother are you most excited to read about? Comment below to win one of 2 eGift Certificates, winners announced on 8/19 – good luck!

elisabeth barrett
About Elisabeth:

Raised in a sleepy little Connecticut town, Elisabeth draws on her upbringing to write small-town romances. Her summers spent living and working on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard were the inspiration for the Star Harbor series, which kicked off with Deep Autumn Heat and continues with Blaze of Winter (coming September 10, 2012). Currently, Elisabeth lives in Northern California with her husband and three children. She loves all the Grayson brothers.

Find her online: Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Buy Elisabeth’s books here

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