The heroine = petite, blonde, blue-eyed *yawn*

The heroine = petite, blonde, blue-eyed *yawn*

heroineNot that there is anything wrong with that – but, do all heroines have to be so . . .so . . . perfect? Let’s talk about this, shall we?

I know — really I do, there is some sort of code that says, “all romance heroines must be thin, long hair, long legs, big bazookas, tiny waist, white teeth & . . . . “ – I know I’m probably missing an important feature here but you get the idea – they are basically perfect.

We always talk about the hero & by God yes, he better have a great body, be tall with sexy eyes & all that – otherwise, I’m not reading about him, you?

But the heroine, let’s face it ladies, our romance books depict her as perfect. The thing is, what is so special about women is that we come in different shapes and sizes — and, with some of us there is just more to love and there is nothing wrong with that.

So, that is the question — why are heroines always so . . . so . . . perfect? Why can’t they be like us?

Are we as readers accepting of the ‘not-so-perfect’ heroine? Will we read a story where the heroine might be a few pounds over weight?plus size

Love to hear your comments & remember, every week 5 randomly chosen commenters win a free book — good luck!

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