The Memory Thief – a new release you won’t want to miss

The Memory Thief  – a new release you won’t want to miss
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In Emily Colin’s exquisite debut novel, perfect for the fans of Kristin Hannah, one man’s vow to his wife sparks a remarkable journey that tests the pull of memory and reaffirms the bonds of love. With a quote like this how can you pass up this book – “Dazzlingly original and as haunting as a dream, Emily Colin’s mesmerizing debut explores the way memory, love, and great loss bind our lives together in ways we might never expect. From its audacious opening to its knockout last pages, I was enthralled.”—Caroline Leavitt, New York Times bestselling author of Pictures of You”

Listen to this:
Before Madeleine Kimble’s mountaineer husband, Aidan, climbs Mount McKinley’s south face, he makes her a solemn vow: I will come back to you. But late one night, Maddie gets the devastating news that Aidan has died in an avalanche, leaving her to care for their son—a small boy with a very big secret. The call comes from J.C., Aidan’s best friend and fellow climber, whose grief is seasoned with survivor’s guilt . . . and something more. J.C. has loved Maddie for years, but he never wanted his chance with her to come at so terrible a cost.

Across the country, Nicholas Sullivan wakes from a motorcycle crash with his memory wiped clean. Yet his dreams are haunted by visions of a mysterious woman and a young boy, neither of whom he has ever met. Convinced that these strangers hold the answers he seeks, Nicholas leaves everything behind to find them. What he discovers will require a leap of faith that will change all of their lives forever.

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This is just one of those books that makes you think, is it not? All kinds of what if scenarios run through my mind. This is one of those books that would make an awesome book club pick. A scary thing for me is thinking about losing my husband and wondering if I’d be able to love again. Would it be possible for me? And if you were to love again, what if it were almost predestined like it seems to be with Nicholas and Madeline? as if it were a reincarnation of sorts? Lots to think about! What are some of the questions that come to mind for you when reading the copy above? Let’s chat!

Reader Review:
Pat Fordyce
Rating: Four Stars

This first novel of Emily Colin caught my attention when I read a review in the Star-News of Wilmington, North Carolina. She is a local author, and based part of the book here.

While I was reading this story, I jotted down words that ran through my head when I would take a break from reading. They were: intriguing, addicting and heartbreaking. This novel stretches your imagination to impossible limits. You can feel the bite of the ice and snow, and exhilaration of being at the peak of an impossible climb. Then there is the despair of a man who made a promise to the ones he loves, that he knows he can’t keep.

This story is told from the perspective of three people, Madeline, Aidan, and Nicholas.

It is impossible for me to go into details of this work, without giving spoilers. I can only tell you it is a journey of friendship, enlightenment, and undying love. It made me laugh, and made me cry, and sigh with contentment when I was finished.

I would recommend this novel to people who like to read love stories, with a leap of faith.

More about the author:emily colin

Emily Colin holds a BA in Psychology, with a second major in Literature/Media Studies, from Duke University, and an MS in Family Studies and Human Services, with a specialization in Youth Development, from Kansas State University. She is the Associate Director of DREAMS of Wilmington, a nationally award-winning nonprofit dedicated to building creative, committed citizens by providing youth in need with high-quality, free-of-charge arts programming. A 2001-2003 William C. Friday Human Relations Fellow, Emily’s background includes many years as a classical violinist, as well as writing and editing for regional publications. Prior to coming to DREAMS, she served as Editor-in-Chief of Coastal Carolina Press, a nonprofit publishing company dedicated to preserving the history, culture and activities of the North Carolina coast, and co-founder of Carolina Women’s Partnership, a nonprofit organization through which she published two books featuring women leaders throughout the state of North Carolina. The Memory Thief is her first novel.

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