What is The Popular Romance Project? Glad you asked!

What is The Popular Romance Project?  Glad you asked!

The Popular Romance Project has been a labor of love since Laurie first began to explore the romance world at the 2009 RWA conference in Washington DC. Find out more about the project below.

Please check out Facebook.com/PopularRomanceProject, where you can stay up to date on the Popular Romance Project, and join the conversation.
Please check out PopularRomanceProject.org where you will find amazing interviews, great footage, and thoughtful perspectives on popular romance! The site includes:
1. video excerpts from interviews with romance authors, editors, agents, cover artists, and readers in the INTERVIEWS section of the site
2. behind the scenes videos about the romance industry and the making of the film Love Between the Covers in the BEHIND THE SCENES section of the site and
3. short lively essays about popular romance from a dazzling range of perspectives in TALKING ABOUT ROMANCE.

PopularRomanceProject.org is just one part of the larger Popular Romance Project that will change how the world sees and understands the romance community. There will be:

  • a feature-length documentary film, Love Between the Covers, which will upend expectations and delight its viewers as it takes them into the remarkable worldwide community of women who create, consume, and love romance novels. The film (made by EMMY-award winning filmmaker Laurie Kahn of Blueberry Hill Productions) will be broadcast around the world, seen at film festivals, and used in community settings and classrooms for years to come.
  • an academic symposium delving into the deep historical roots of romance novels and the romance industry’s use of new technologies heading into the future, hosted by the Library of Congress Center for the Book,
  • a nationwide series of library programs where the film will be shown, romance writers will be featured, and fun activities will take place, organized by the American Library Association, and
  • a deep, content-rich interactive website (PopularRomanceProject.org is the prototype of the larger site) that will allow its users to look at popular romance across time and across cultures — with a huge archive of documents, novel excerpts, book covers, film excerpts, audio recordings, and teaching resources, created by the Roy RosenzweigCenter for History and New Media,
  • and for all of these programs, the PRP staff will be working with the International Association for the Study of Popular Romance.
  • Thanks for asking – Happy Romance!

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