The Real Housewives of New York, Episode Six Recap

The Real Housewives of New York, Episode Six Recap
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The animosity between Heather and Aviva sets in even deeper, despite Ramona’s best efforts to play peacemaker.

We open with some of the housewives at the Karen Karch jewelry store in Gramercy. It’s a fundraising event for Heather’s foundation (her son Jax had a liver transplant) The Kellner Family Pediatric Liver Foundation. Ramona is back from her trip to Africa, and is not happy to hear about the fight between Heather and Aviva. She’s especially not happy to hear that Heather is uninviting Aviva to her tenth anniversary party. She tells the camera, “Heather has a history of not inviting people to places and events.” We see from flashbacks that Ramona has been on the bad end of this. “It’s just not a nice thing to do,” she says. Sonja arrives, and she agrees Aviva should come to the party.

The tensions in this episode are not restricted between the housewives; We see some marital discord as Kristen and Josh seem to be having some issues. At the jewelry party, the couple is talking to Carole and Josh says that Kirsten had promised him a certain sex act at least six times a week, but that has not been happening. Carole’s like oh, that’s easy. And Josh says yeah, he has plenty of other women lined up if Kristen’s not into it. Kristen’s like yeah, okay whatever. It’s not good.

Ramona’s daughter Avery is getting ready to off to college, so Ramona is doing some furniture shopping. Aviva and Sonja are along to keep her company. Aviva tells Ramona her version of the events at LuAnn’s Hamptons house. Ramona tells the camera that after being in South African she has come back with a whole new perspective. “I’m in harmony and I want to be the peacemaker. I want everyone to be happy together.”

Kristen is doing some modeling for Heather (she owns a shapewear line called Yummi), and Carole is there watching the outdoor photo shoot. The conversation again turns to Aviva, and Heather says she doesn’t like the way Aviva treats people.

Heather gets a call from Ramona, who brokers a meeting between her and Aviva. Carole tells the camera, “Ramona likes to stir the pot. She likes to get in the middle of things, and then she kind of scurries off.”

Kristen and Carole meet up with Jonathan, Heather’s husband, for caviar tasting in preparation for the anniversary party. (He is surprising Heather with the caviar.) Kristen tells the camera that Jonathan is “the sweetest man. This is the kind of thing I would just die over if Josh did this for me.” He tells Carole and Kirsten an anecdote about a time when they were first married that a gorgeous woman was hitting on Heather, and Heather told Jonathan that for their ten year anniversary they could have a three-way. Now she is reneging: “She doesn’t want to share me,” Jonathan says. Kristen agrees that she couldn’t deal with seeing her husband with another woman. Meanwhile, the poor guy from the restaurant is standing there waiting to introduce them to the caviar samples. Kristen tells the camera, “You can really tell how much Jonathan loves Heather by everything he does for her. Of course I love my husband, but he’s definitely not as affectionate as Jonathan is with Heather.”

Aviva and Heather meet for dinner. “Where do we begin?” Heather asks. “Let’s set some ground rules,” says Aviva. “No yelling — and no cursing.” Heather says, “That one I can’t agree to.”Aviva tells Heather she felt, “Verbally raped.” Heather says that the things Aviva says about people are “really, really vile.” Aviva asks for an example.

Heather: You said that Sonja was in a downward spiral like Anna Nicole Smith.

Aviva: That was a compliment! She’s an icon.

Heather: She died! That’s not a compliment.

Things degenerate from there. Aviva makes fun of Heather’s name-dropping, and Heather says she does work with those people so why don’t you go out and get a job? Aviva says so now working moms are better than stay-at-home moms? Heather finally tells Aviva that she was outraged by how she treated Carole. Aviva asks, “Why are you defending Carole? Are you guys lovers or something?” Heather tells the camera, “This comments tells me that she’s childish and she’s insanely jealous of my friendship with Carole.” Aviva ends up asking Heather to help her mend fences with Carole. Heather says she would be more than happy to build that bridge. She says she’s having her anniversary party the following night, and will talk to Jonathan about “extending an invitation to you and Reid.”

Carole and Kristen are meeting friends for lunch at the restaurant Sarabeth’s. The friends arrive in matching blue and white outfits, and one of the women is Brandi Glanville (Eddie Cibrian’s ex) and the other is Yolanda Foster. Brandi tells a crazy story about how during Kristen’s bachelorette weekend in Vegas, she literally almost ran off with an Elvis impersonator.

Sonja and Ramona are visiting Aviva’s house. She tells them that after dinner last night, she and Heather ended up “in a peaceful place.” Ramona asks Aviva if Heather invited her to the party tonight, and Aviva says no, she texted her that “There’s so much water under the bridge. Let’s leave it there. I think tonight is just too soon for everyone. I will call you soon. Holla.” Aviva tells the camera this is hurtful and confusing. Ramona is appalled by the text. “That was a half-assed Heather move.” Sonja decides she’s not going to the party. Ramona says, “If you’re not going, I’m not going.” Hmm. This should go over well.

It’s Heather’s party, held on a rooftop overlooking Manhattan. She says that she and Josh are fortunate to still be friends with almost all of the people who were at their wedding, and that the people who are there tonight are the people she cares about most and truly loves. Meanwhile, Kristen and Josh are walking down the street arguing. She tells the camera, “Josh is being a dick right now. We got into a huge argument about timing. It’s always a communication thing with us.” Apparently, he was late getting to the party, or  getting to their meeting place, or something. She tells him, “It’s nice walking into an anniversary party with my other half — so next time I’m going to bring my boyfriend, because he’s always on time.” She walks into the party with Josh trailing behind her, and says to Heather, “Congratulations! You’re still married, and I’m getting divorced.” LuAnn arrives. She tells the camera that she got a text from Ramona that she and Sonja aren’t coming, so now she has deliver the news. She says that it’s very bad form to RSVP yes to an anniversary party and not show up. Carole and Kristen are talking, and Carole asks in they’ve ever been to couples counseling (clearly, it’s much needed.) Kristen says she’s all for it and they’ve gone a few times here and there, but Josh thinks they can do it on their own.

Later, Heather realizes that Sonja and Ramona have bailed on the party. LuAnn, Carole, and Kristen all chime in that it’s bad etiquette. Kristen says “it’s disrespectful.” Heather says, “I didn’t play by Ramona’s rules and it pissed her off.” Ramona says Ramona is always the pot-stirrer, and that their real friends are there, and the other women are just “on the fringe.” She says all the problems are caused by “that stinger Singer.” She tells the camera, “If they don’t want to come to my party, I don’t want them here. Holla that, bitches.”

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