The Sagest Bit of Advice My Granny, the Librarian, Ever Gave Me.

In honor of Library Lover’s month, I called up the librarian in my life who I’m lucky enough to get to call Granny.  Before she retired, she had been a librarian for 30 years in both regional and high school libraries and has fed my voracious appetitie for reading ever since I mastered Curious George Goes to the Circus.  


Initially, I was hoping for some good, juicy stories of her finding love in the stacks, but what I got instead was this golden little nugget of wisdom:


“Any smart woman looking for a man would get herself to the library.”


Apparently it was at the large library that serviced our entire region where she discovered the sheer number of men who perused the stacks.


“There were far more men in the library at any given time than women.  Women were in and out while men browsed, particularly older retired guys.” Laughing she continued, “In fact there was one older gentleman who, if I had been older at the time, I would have been very tempted by!  Gosh, was he handsome!” she reminisced.


“There’s something about the quiet, unpretentious atmosphere in a library that makes it easy for people to strike up conversations with strangers. “ she explained. “Knowing you share a common interest with the person browsing the same section also doesn’t hurt. Many a friendship and romance has been sparked in the gardening section.”


“Now, when I was librarian over at “The Academy”,” she continued. “The library was a place kids could go for privacy with the added excuse of “studying”. And yes, I’ve caught my fair share of students making out in the stacks.”


When I asked if she could tell what the kids were up to and she said admitted, “Of course!  They thought they were getting away with it but the second their eyes locked it was obvious.” (Awwwww!)


So with that sage bit of advice, you all know where I’ll be this weekend!

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