The Ultimate Book Boyfriend

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Jamie K. Schmidt

  • Jericho Z. Barrens
  • Curran, the Beastlord
  • Sebastian Leslie Guy de Ath Ballister, Earl of Blackmoor, Marquess of Dain
  • Jared Blaed “Gray” Grayhaven
  • Bones
  • Jon Snow

  • Those are six of my book boyfriends that I would gladly give up an evening to spend with. It’s a good thing there’s a lot of these guys to go around otherwise I’d probably have to fight a few people off for someone them. And I’d fight dirty too. Hands off the 998th Lord Commander of the Night Watch, yo’.

    The ultimate book boyfriend has doesn’t have to be the Alpha Male, but the majority of them are. The best book boyfriends, at least for me, also have to have a code and live by it—even when it’s not convenient or easy for them to do so. I like a hero to have a weakness for the heroine, that bumps up against the lines he has drawn for himself. And that weakness, which we all know is really strength, allows him to become more—better.

    It’s what separates him from being just man candy, although he’s probably sex on two legs as well. Movies have a hard time competing with the book boyfriend heroes. Channing TatumChanning Tatum’s Magic Mike is jaw droppingly sexy. However, I’d gladly watch the movie with the sound turned off and fast forwarding to the good parts. I watch it for the music ::cough cough::.

    I’m a big fan of the Transporter movies because Jason Statham… DAMN. He’s my number one Movie Boyfriend. Hot martial artist drives very fast in a cool car. There’s plot too, usually involving a love interest that he may or may not deflower on the hood of said cool car. But I’m very happy watching him kick the snot out of the bad guys and generally just being so chill, I need a hot toddy. I must say his character in the Expendables blurs with the Transporter. Being a romance writer, I want the big lug and Sylvester Stallone’s character to get a girl—any girl. Take a volunteer from the audience, for Pete’s sake. But alas, these are action movies not romcoms.

    Which is how fan fiction and ‘shipping get started. Take my numero uno TV Boyfriend Daryl Dixon from AMC’s The Walking Dead. I have a lovely little romance in my head going on with him and Carol. And it doesn’t look good that they’ll ever see each other again. But at least I have YouTube videos to ease that hole in my soul.

    Fictional men come and go in my life. I like paranormal/fantasy heroes the best. Sometimes I warp them into who I want them to be and not who they are. Once they’re suitably warped, I might insert a Mary Sue into my daydreams. Then when I’m sick of all the adoration, I give them enemies. I put them in perilous situations that make them question their decisions. I take away the easy way out. Maybe, I’ll combine a Book Boyfriend and a TV Boyfriend into one epic FBF (fictional boy friend). Or I’ll make the TV Boyfriend a love interest, sometimes changing gender/genre, sometimes not. YOLO. So the world inside of my head can get a little chaotic and jumbled, but understanding why I like these heroes helps me create my own heroes. And maybe, one of them will be someone’s book boyfriend someday.

    Big Congrats to Jamie today for her release of HEAT - about the book:

    Style and seduction collide in Jamie K. Schmidt’s Heat—sure to please fans of Fifty Shades of Grey—as the world’s best-dressed men and women shed their clothing . . . and their inhibitions.

    On the run from her abusive fiancé, ER doctor Mallory Bryant arrives at her sister’s Connecticut resort desperate for a place to restore balance to her life. But Club Inferno is more than a haven for the rich and fashionable. Beneath its elegant facade is an erotic playground where dominants and submissives play out their fantasies. At first, Mallory is wary of Max Spencer, the martial arts trainer acting as her bodyguard—until he introduces her to passion so intense she wants nothing more than to surrender to his touch.

    As one of Club Inferno’s most skilled doms, Max enjoys taking Mallory to the limits of pleasure. It’s a dangerous proposition, and as their sensual games draw them into a relationship beyond the boundaries of pupil and master, Max starts spiraling out of control. But when Mallory’s violent past catches up with her, Max knows what he must do: draw her closer than ever before, even if it means risking a surrender of his own.

    Advance praise for Heat

    “Club Inferno is deliciously sexy, and Max is a Dom to love. A nonstop ride of sexual exploration and emotional healing, Heat will keep you entertained.”—Stacey Kennedy, USA Today bestselling author of Bared

    “With Jamie K. Schmidt you get to have it all, diamonds and champagne, and rope and leather. Heroines and readers alike will find every erotic wish and every heart’s desire come true at Club Inferno.”—Award-winning author Cecilia Tan

    “Jamie K. Schmidt’s Heat burns with its red-hot sex scenes and thrills with a passionate and wonderfully tender love story. Enter the world of Club Inferno and be very, very satisfied!”—Laura Moore, author of Once Tasted

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